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Friday, September 30, 2011

White Rabbits

It's hard to believe another month has come around so quickly.  Here is October's White Rabbits logo and it's time to plan ahead for what you hope to sew in the coming month.
Here's the code too.


I didn't complete everything on my September list but I am promising myself that I will complete everything on my October list and if I do I will buy myself a layer cake as a present. 

My October White Rabbits List.

Make two hexie flowers for the Inchy Hexie Flower Swap
Make a 12" block for Aussie Block Swaps
Make a scissor keep and accompanying goodies for Sandy's Scissor Keep Swap
Make and find 10 items for Fiona's Christmas Swap
Make a Christmas surprise for Lindi
Complete the borders on Henrietta Whiskers
Start on a Dr Who quilt for Wil
Make a secret present for Rachael Daisy
Make at least one hexie flower a week for One Flower Wednesday
Make some goodies for the Teddy Bear's Picnic Giveaway

In case you don't know about the White Rabbits List, it is a way some of us use to keep on  schedule with our sewing plans.  You display the White Rabbits logo somewhere on your blog along with a list of what you would like to achieve.   There are no rules, no prizes, no-one to report to, but those sweet little bunny faces act as a reminder of what you want to do. At the end of each month I post the logo and the code for the next month. 

 Happy October sewing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Flower Wednesday.

Just one little flower this week.  I turned it into a coaster and gave it to Liz.  Now she's got somewhere to put her coffee cup while she makes her hexie flowers too.
Every week lovely Karen at Journey of a Quilter gives us the chance to share our hexie flowers as part of One Flower Wednesday. Thank you Karen.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

I thought I'd share a bit more of my Portmeirion china collection today for Tuesday Treasures.  This is mainly from the Botanic Garden range, which is my favourite.  I can't resist lovely china and I've been collecting this range since it was released in 1972. Normally I like older, more delicate pieces but there is something about this range which I find very appealing. I love the botanical drawing style of the decoration and the detail included.

Do you have something you treasure to share with us today.  It can be a thing, a place, a person. Even an idea, a concept or a dream.  Anything which is important to you.  Please pop your details into Mr Linky and join in the fun.

Only a short post today as I'm off to Kilmore for the last meeting of Kilmore Quilters before our quilt show.  Of course you'll will hear more about this event in the weeks to come.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The kindness of blogging friends

and wow again
and super-dooper WOW

The postie just bought me a parcel, an unexpected and wonderful parcel.  I don't know how Michelle even knew I'd been feeling under the weather, but she did and she sent me this wonderful parcel to lift my spirits.

She even remembered I love bees and bears and my present had this theme.  She wrote on the card - Hope you are soon buzzing around and feeling better.  Well I certainly am, Michelle.  Your kindness has made my day.  Thank you so much.

I thought I'd just add this picture of how sad a little poodle can look.  Yesterday John spread some horse manure on the garden beds and Matilda thought it would be fun to roll in it and, even more yucky, to feast on it too.  Here she is after her bath. 


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lesley's Cute Santa

Isn't he cute?  Lesley over at Sew Happy Me has a free pattern for a Christmas Stitchery Banner.  I loved it as soon as I saw it.  Why not stitch along?  He was easily sewn in an evening and there is a new stitchery each week.
Thanks Lesley.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm running behind...

... with the Little Forest Quilt Along.  I need 25 little trees and I've made 12 so far.

I need to get out of the garden and into the forest later today.

Friday, September 23, 2011

In and Out

The postie has been bringing lovely things to my place.  The above and below blocks are from my charming swap partner in Quilting Block Swaps Australia organised by lovely Sue of Quilted Hugs.
Beatrice in France sent them to me.  Thank you so much, I love them both.
This lovely block came from my July swap partner, Shauna.  Poor Shauna was sick for a while but happily is now well again.
I made these two Scquilters Healing Hearts for one of our members and her son, who is very ill.  Wishing him a speedy recovery.
Finally I made four more Farmers Wife Quilt Along blocks this week.
I'm off to play with my baby grandson, Henry.  Have a great day

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Free Pattern - Hexie Flower Coasters

I thought I'd share this really easy design for hexagon flower coasters.  I have been using some gorgeous fabrics to fussy cut hexie flowers lately and I thought they really lent themselves to become coasters for a drink in the garden.

You will need:

  • Some fabric for your hexagons.  The size of the piece will be determined by how often the pattern repeats itself.
  • Some hexagon papers.  I've used 1" papers here.  You can get them at most quilt shops or at Possum Blossom Patchwork on-line.
  • A perspex hexagon template.   I bought mine at Jane's on-line shop, Want it, Need it, Quilt for only $3.50. 
  • Some matching thread.  I'm not fussy - I just use anything I've got around that's the right colour.
  • A piece of wool felt and matching stranded cotton. 
  • 6 paper clips
  • A glue stick which can be used on fabric.  See my previous post for details.

Here's how to make a fussy cut hexagon flower.
Place your template in different positions on the fabric until you find a section of the pattern you think would make a nice petal. Trace around the template six times making sure each petal is identical.
Cut out the hexagon petals plus another for the centre.
Fold your fabric hexagons around the papers and hold in place with paper clips.  Keep checking to make sure each is identical on the front.  Tack around each hexagon to hold the fabric in place.
Join the hexie petals together by oversewing the edges.
Keep going...
 until they are all joined together.
Now to turn your flower into a coaster.
Trace around the flower onto wool felt and cut out the felt flower shape.
Remove the hexie papers.  Lightly glue the flower to the felt to hold it in place while you are stitching. Don't glue right to the edges.
Don't worry that the felt shape is larger than the fabric just trim it back as you sew around the edges with blanket stitch.  Just be careful that your stitches don't show through at the front.

Ta Da! There you have them.  Just add a couple of glasses, maybe some chocolates and you have an easy inexpensive present to send to a friend.  Mine are on the way to lovely Rachael Daisy at Blue Mountain Daisy.

I'm linking up to

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Free Pattern - Fiona's Candle-mat

I designed this candle mat especially for Fiona and I've decided to share the pattern and the process I used to make it.  Here is a link to the templates in case you want to use the same shapes as me.  It is made out of wool felt.
Decide the size and shape of the main part of the candle-mat, find an appropriate plate and trace around it onto the felt or use the template.  Cut it out.
Trace around an egg poacher for the middle of the mat or use the template.  Cut it out.

Pop some glue on the middle and glue in place.  I use these really cheap little Bostick glue sticks for  fabric.  Three sticks for about $2.  Buy the ones that go on blue and then turn clear.  You can get them in the supermarket or places like Kmart. (You can use these to glue down your hexie edges if you don't want to tack them.  I find they are just as effective as the expensive glue pens from quilt shops.)
Blanket stitch around the edge.
If you want some words on your mat, find a font you like and a size that fits and print your words out.  I find it best to cut out each letter and play around with the position.   When you are happy cut out each letter in felt.  Lightly glue then sew each letter in place.

Decide on a flower shape.  Cut out and sew onto the middle remembering to lightly glue in place first.  I drew the flower freehand but used an old set of cookie cutters for the circle shapes.

Fill in any gaps with more circles and buttons. Use your cookie cutters or the template.
I decided to make the mat a little bigger so I used the cookie cutters again to get the rounded edges.
I added on another round then added more stitching.
I used a combination of running and  cross stitch.    Finally I cut out a backing for the candle mat, that was the same as the last round, and lightly glued it to the back. I blanket stitched around the edge  and posted it off to lovely Fiona.  Hope you enjoy making one too.
Today I've linked up to  Our Creative Spaces, where you will find heaps of fabulous things.

One Flower Wednesday

Every week lovely Karen at Journey of a Quilter gives us the opportunity to share a hexie flower or two as part of One Flower Wednesday.  This is what I made this week.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

I've always loved a good detective story and started reading Agatha Christie novels in my early teens. I tend to read more graphic depictions of crime now, think Val McDermid or Karin Slaughter.

I don't know what this says about me, or why I enjoy being frightened. I do like to read every night before I go to sleep and it is often this genre. Luckily my reading never gives me bad dreams. It is wonderful when you find a novel that 'really gets you in', one where you keep thinking, 'just one more chapter', even though you know you will be very tired the next day.

By the way the little book bag and book mark, at the top of this post, is a Marg Low pattern I made for my lovely friend Rosalie for Christmas.  I must make one for myself.

I treasure reading.  Do you have something you treasure and would like to share.  It can be a person, place or thing.  A hobby, a wish or a dream.  Just pop your details into Mr Linky and play along.

If Tanya and Rhonda Polk would email me I'd be very grateful.  I can't get the links to your blogs to work so I need to try and fix this problem so I can visit you.  Thanks.


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