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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Free Pattern - Fiona's Candle-mat

I designed this candle mat especially for Fiona and I've decided to share the pattern and the process I used to make it.  Here is a link to the templates in case you want to use the same shapes as me.  It is made out of wool felt.
Decide the size and shape of the main part of the candle-mat, find an appropriate plate and trace around it onto the felt or use the template.  Cut it out.
Trace around an egg poacher for the middle of the mat or use the template.  Cut it out.

Pop some glue on the middle and glue in place.  I use these really cheap little Bostick glue sticks for  fabric.  Three sticks for about $2.  Buy the ones that go on blue and then turn clear.  You can get them in the supermarket or places like Kmart. (You can use these to glue down your hexie edges if you don't want to tack them.  I find they are just as effective as the expensive glue pens from quilt shops.)
Blanket stitch around the edge.
If you want some words on your mat, find a font you like and a size that fits and print your words out.  I find it best to cut out each letter and play around with the position.   When you are happy cut out each letter in felt.  Lightly glue then sew each letter in place.

Decide on a flower shape.  Cut out and sew onto the middle remembering to lightly glue in place first.  I drew the flower freehand but used an old set of cookie cutters for the circle shapes.

Fill in any gaps with more circles and buttons. Use your cookie cutters or the template.
I decided to make the mat a little bigger so I used the cookie cutters again to get the rounded edges.
I added on another round then added more stitching.
I used a combination of running and  cross stitch.    Finally I cut out a backing for the candle mat, that was the same as the last round, and lightly glued it to the back. I blanket stitched around the edge  and posted it off to lovely Fiona.  Hope you enjoy making one too.
Today I've linked up to  Our Creative Spaces, where you will find heaps of fabulous things.


  1. Das sieht so schön aus und geht so einfach! Das würde ich auch gerne mal ausprobieren! Danke fürs Zeigen!

    Liebe Grüße!

  2. What a lovely rug Melody - and a great tutorial :) Felt is so lovely to work with: minimum stitching required, gorgeous colours, textural and soft.

  3. OK, now that's cute! I love your tutorial...even I can do it!


  4. I am so lucky to own the original.. and I love it... great idea to share the pattern and instructions....

  5. I said you were a treasure, and I was right!!Thankyou Mel for letting us share Fiona's pattern.. Hope your day is sunny..

  6. It's a lovely design Melody and "Fiona's Candle Mat" sounds so nice. You did a wonderful job on the original...gorgeous!

  7. The mat is lovely. I have just put away the bunny and egg one I made for Easter. How fortunate to find a spring pattern. I love working with the wool felt. Thanks for the tutorial.



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