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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Free Pattern - Hexie Flower Coasters

I thought I'd share this really easy design for hexagon flower coasters.  I have been using some gorgeous fabrics to fussy cut hexie flowers lately and I thought they really lent themselves to become coasters for a drink in the garden.

You will need:

  • Some fabric for your hexagons.  The size of the piece will be determined by how often the pattern repeats itself.
  • Some hexagon papers.  I've used 1" papers here.  You can get them at most quilt shops or at Possum Blossom Patchwork on-line.
  • A perspex hexagon template.   I bought mine at Jane's on-line shop, Want it, Need it, Quilt for only $3.50. 
  • Some matching thread.  I'm not fussy - I just use anything I've got around that's the right colour.
  • A piece of wool felt and matching stranded cotton. 
  • 6 paper clips
  • A glue stick which can be used on fabric.  See my previous post for details.

Here's how to make a fussy cut hexagon flower.
Place your template in different positions on the fabric until you find a section of the pattern you think would make a nice petal. Trace around the template six times making sure each petal is identical.
Cut out the hexagon petals plus another for the centre.
Fold your fabric hexagons around the papers and hold in place with paper clips.  Keep checking to make sure each is identical on the front.  Tack around each hexagon to hold the fabric in place.
Join the hexie petals together by oversewing the edges.
Keep going...
 until they are all joined together.
Now to turn your flower into a coaster.
Trace around the flower onto wool felt and cut out the felt flower shape.
Remove the hexie papers.  Lightly glue the flower to the felt to hold it in place while you are stitching. Don't glue right to the edges.
Don't worry that the felt shape is larger than the fabric just trim it back as you sew around the edges with blanket stitch.  Just be careful that your stitches don't show through at the front.

Ta Da! There you have them.  Just add a couple of glasses, maybe some chocolates and you have an easy inexpensive present to send to a friend.  Mine are on the way to lovely Rachael Daisy at Blue Mountain Daisy.

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  1. Great idea.... Rachael will love them

  2. Fantastic idea, lovely fabrics. Will make great Xmas gifts. maybe even i match table runner.

  3. Hey Melody these are really cute - enhanced by your fabulous fussy cutting. Thank you for taking the time to do a tutorial.

  4. what a great idea Mel,they look fantastic,well done and thankyou for the tutorial,you are so kind.

  5. I like the way you find such delightful fabrics to fussy cut. They always look great in your hexies.

  6. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. They are such a great idea and easy to make.

  7. Thank you so much for this tutorial and the last one, both patterns are gorgeous. I really LOVE the hexie coasters, I can see myself making these.

  8. Great tutorial and a sweet idea for a really lovely coaster.Thanks Melody.

  9. Great idea and a perfect way to use those gorgeous flowers you have been creating.

  10. I was thinking last weekend that they would make great coasters & here you with how to do it. Brilliant! Love your fabric. Thanks Melody xx

  11. Great tutorial and pretty flowers! Thanks.

  12. What a wonderful and pretty idea! Thank you for the tute!

  13. Melody these are just darling - thank you so much for the tutorial! May I use your picture to link you on my next tutorial post? Just beautiful, hon!

  14. Those are beautiful and a great idea. Also makes me want to sit in that garden with a nice drink right now!

  15. You are such a legend!! This is even better than making a big quilt!! So achievable.. I love making the hexie flowers, but I hate sewing them into a quilt sized piece!! Thanks Mel..

  16. These are very pretty - and I have to agree with Wendy - they would look great in the garden with a tall glass of something bubbly sitting on them!

  17. They are lovely, Melody! But there goes one idea I had last night for one of your Chrissy gifts. lol

  18. Love your tutorial! I never thought about making them into coasters! Just another idea to add to my Christmas list!

  19. Those are lovely - and great fabric:)

  20. My head must have been in the clouds the day you posted this because I missed it, I'm glad I found it now, I'll link it to my blog. Your photos are beautiful and it's so wonderful of you to take time to write a tutorial. I love the paper clip tip!!



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