Monday, May 23, 2016

Henry and Uncle Toby's Oats + Pets on Quilts

Last week we received a free sample of yummy Uncle Toby's oats + a little packet of oat seeds to grow at home.  As Henry came to stay for a couple of days I saved them for him to plant.  He really enjoyed the experience.
Thank you Uncle Tobys' and Homegrown Oats.
One of my favourite events in blogworld is Pets on Quilts.  
It happens every year over at delightful Lily Pad Quilting. Many thanks to Snoodles (Jacque) for organising it for us.  Last year my lovely friend Christine over at MacDonalds'Patch entered her dear little dog, Molly and she won a prize which was fabulous.
Of course I voted for Molly.  This year I may even enter my own dear pups.
I spent yesterday preparing a couple more pages of my Round the Garden Quilt (designed by wonderful, super talented Wendy Williams) so I can sew it this week.  I'll show you my progress tomorrow but here are a couple of pics of Wendy's wonder I feel so inspired.

Today is my darling Sammy's birthday - 30 years old today.  We are all going on a big train adventure next weekend to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Sammy, I'm so lucky to have you in my life.  

I just can't resist bunting.  And this mini bunting is particularly cute.

It features a fabric range called Backyard Roses and I think it is really charming.  The designer of this lovely range of fabric designed the bunting for us and you can download the pattern HERE at fabulous Riley Blake Designs.  The Riley Blake BLOG is always a great place to visit.

Hope you have a great start to your week,

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Shopping

I thought I'd start a new feature on my blog where I share some of my favourite online shopping spots, starting with wonderful Renaissance Ribbons.

I do adore a beautiful trim and this is the place to find them.  Here are just a few of my favourites.
Because I am such a devoted dog lover I just ordered this cute pack.

and there is this adorable one for owl lovers too.

Renaissance Ribbons has a great Projects Page too.  I couldn't resist this glasses case as it is super easy and features heavenly French General ribbon.  

Please follow this LINK.

Wishing you a fun filled weekend

Friday, May 20, 2016

An interesting Swap

Do you follow Angie over at Gnome Angel?  If you don't you may not know of a fabulous swap she is organising at the moment.  An Aussie Name Tap swap.  I thought even if you don't want to play along but would like to make a name tag for yourself you might find Angie's post really interesting as she has heaps of fabulous ideas.

Please visit her at Gnome Angel HERE.
Even though we are about to enter winter here in Melbourne it is always lovely to have a breath of spring in your home and I think that's just what these lovely tulips will do.  You can find the delightful pattern and the great detailed tutorial HERE at fabulous Inspired by Fabric.  Many many thanks to all at Paintbrush Studio  for sharing it with us.
Hope you have a lovely day

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Eleanor Macnair

There are lots of iconic photographic images from past decades and wonderfully Eleanor Macnair decided to reproduce them in Play Doh.  This really appeals to my sense of whimsy and bought a big smile to my face.  I thought you might enjoy them too.  I am in awe of Eleanor's talent.

Please follow this link to READ more and SEE more.  There's a interview HERE too.
I think it is impossible not to fall in love with this adorable pencil case.  It is just SO cute.
Please follow this LINK to fabulous  Crafts Beautiful and you can make one too.  Enormous thanks to super creative Corinne Bradd who designed it for us.
Hope you have a happy day

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


OK, that might be a bit over dramatic...but I have been very ill as a result of a new medication introduced last week.  I take 15 tablets every morning and ten more at night and manage the side effects pretty well...but tablet number 26 has hit me like a Mack truck. 

I have not been able to do anything which means I haven't had anything to blog about...and a funny little dog (Maxie) has been lying on me wanting to be patted when ever I am awake, so no sewing either.

I was really looking forward to Relax and Stitch on this Saturday and Lisa of Fig'n'Berry's Stitchery Day on Sunday but unfortunately I am not well enough to attend either, so I'll miss seeing lots of my lovely stitching friends.

I am determined to be well enough for my dear Sammy's 30th birthday (Henry's Dad) the following weekend and  I plan to attend the 
Waverley Patchworker's Quilt Show too.  
Here are the details.
The dates and times and location for the Quilt Show in 2016 are:
Saturday May 28 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Sunday May 29 9.00 am – 4.00 pm

Mount Waverley Community Centre, Miller Crescent Mount Waverley. This is directly opposite the Mount Waverley Station, and easy to get to via the Monash Freeway using the Forster Rd exit.

How amazing is the raffle quilt?  I've already bought a couple of tickets and plan to get a couple more at the show.

Hope I'll see some of you there.

My lovely friend Ondrea sent me this link as she thought I might like to share it on my blog, and I certainly want to share as it sounds fabulous.  Thanks Ondrea.

It is a Morris fabric themed Hexathon.  What a brilliant idea so we shouldn't be surprised it comes from super clever, super talented Barbara Brackman at Material Cultural.  Please follow this LINK.   If you are at all interested in history and the history of quilts in particular, Barbara's site is a brilliant place to visit.

I have written a number of posts and scheduled them to appear over the next few days so that you can still see some links to lovely free patterns and tutorials while I'm stuck in bed.  Hope you will call back tomorrow to see what I've found.

Monday, May 16, 2016

A bit of a sickie

I've had a bit of a nasty reaction to a medication that has recently been added to the long list of tablets I take every day.  As a consequence I spent most of the weekend sick in bed, so yet again I don't have any sewing to share.  I did however spend Friday at lovely Helen's place...must admit I didn't sew much but it was wonderful to have the company of dear friends...particular thanks to sweet Christine who picked me up and drove me over as I was not well enough to drive.  
Forgot to snap any pics so I took these (with permission of course) from Christine and Helen's Facebook posts.
I am so glad I have discovered Molly and Mama...such a beautiful blog filled to the brim with delightful projects.
The minute I spotted this gorgeous Pretty Penny Coin Purse i was totally in love.  Enormous thanks to fabulous Lauren for sharing it with us.  Please follow this LINK to find the pattern.
It is a beautiful day here in Melbourne, so I plan to sit on my front deck this afternoon and do a bit of stitching.  I love being in the treetops with the wonderful birds who come to visit.
Hope you have a beautiful day

Friday, May 13, 2016

Beautiful Stitcheries

Do you enjoy stitching sweet stitchery designs? If you do I think you will love the next bunch of Jenny of Elefantz Stitchery Club patterns.
I think they are wonderful and, lucky us. Jenny decided to add one more design.
Please pop over to my beautiful friend Jenny's blog to find out how you can purchase the whole set for a bargain price.  She blogs at Elefantz.

Here's a lovely LINK today.
Lovely and very practical too.  Many many thanks to lovely Heidi for sharing it with us at wonderful Fabric Mutt.

Hope you have a wonderful day and a fun filled weekend.  See you Monday.


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