Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Victoria and Albert

No, not the museum but these two gorgeous horses.  John has been looking after a friend's horses and I tagged along for feeding time.
Looks like they have been playing in the mud.

There five horses and they are all very sweet except Paris who is quite naughty.  She wouldn't let me pat her until I'd run around for about 15 minutes picking big bunches of fresh grass, which was growing on my side of the fence, and popping it in her mouth.  Look at those naughty ears drawn back before I bought her friendship with food.
One of the wonderful things about Michael's property are these magnificent trees.
It was lots of fun.

This is one of the cutest potholders I have ever seen.
And again we are so lucky as a very generous blogger has shared the fabulous design with us for free. You can find the pattern HERE, shared by wonderful Andrea of Jolijou The Blog.  Thank you so much Andrea.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I wanted to personalise a swap gift so I need some letters to stitch.  Where to turn when there are so many gorgeous alphabets out there.  Well naturally my mind turned to fabulous Jenny of Elefantz and her Stitchery Club, and there it was in Stitchery Club Month 6 March 2015
Looking through this edition reminded me of some others of Jenny's designs I just must stitch including this one from the same issue.

You can find many of the patterns HERE at her Craftsy Shop or you can subscribe to the Stitchery Club HERE
Sorry I can't show you my alphabet stitching yet...but it is a secret...ssshhhhhh.
This cushion is really really gorgeous...
...and how lucky are we because it is a fabulous free pattern shared HERE at KarrieLyne's wonderful blog Freckled Whimsy.  Enormous thanks to KarrieLyne for so generously sharing it with us.
Have a wonderful day

Monday, July 6, 2015

FNwF results

Here's what I stitched on Friday night as part of Friday Night with Friends organised by our lovely friend Cheryll
I love it and bought it from gorgeous Leanne Beasley when she came to talk to us at NOTYQ guild meeting.  

These are the fabrics I plan to use to surround this little stitchery and turn it into a mini for my family room wall.  It is from a range called Verna by Kate Spain back in 2010 and has always been a favorite of mine.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to wonderful Regina Grewe for sharing this fabulous paper piecing pattern with us.  Just go HERE.  And please check out all of Regina's site.  Her work is very special.
Have a wonderful day

Friday, July 3, 2015

Still nothing to share...

...except a lovely LINK.
I think it is wonderful.  Huge thanks to Amy of Diary of a Quilter for sharing it with us.
Have a great day.  See you tonight for Cheryll's stitching evening.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Friday Night with Friends Sign Up time

Not much happening to report today, although my socialising will continue as I'm off to NOTYQ this afternoon.  I've been working on a delightful Leanne Beasley stitchery but it is not finished yet so I'll hopefully work on it as part of 
You can sign up HERE.
It is the school holidays here in Victoria so I thought a pattern for the kids to sew would be nice today.  And HERE it is... fabulous Mom Spark.
Have a wonderful day
PS There is a new blog post up for the Secret Sisters. Shhhhh!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Helen and Christine and Molly too.

It is wonderful to catch up with friends and have a good long chat.
Yesterday I visited Helen in hospital.  She was looking really well and I know she is back home today so that is great news.  No more horrid broth for her. (This is all she was allowed to eat for five days)
We settled in for a good long chat and talked about our sewing and our love of trips to the beach and our shared love of animals.  It is so wonderful to have Helen as a friend, she is truly a good person and so kind and caring of others. While we were chatting another patient at the hospital popped in to wish Helen well and thank her for all she had done for fellow patients.
I put together a little pressie tin for her, so she can stitch while waiting for doctor's appointments.

And then today Christine invited me over for afternoon tea.  

As always there was something delicious to nibble and dear little Molly was nearby, under the table in fact, just incase there was any for her.  
I must admit when Christine answered the phone I did offer her some of my scone and she, oh so delicately, took it from my fingers and swallowed it whole.  I just love little Molly...she is so sweet.

I did take my sewing but we had so much fun chatting I didn't even open my Bambi sewing box.  I love spending time with Christine, she is a true kindred spirit.

I made both these friends through wonder I think blogworld is the best.

My friend from Sweden, Monica, adores strawberries so these cushions made me think of her as soon as I saw them.  You can find the pattern and tutorial HERE at wonderful The Purl Bee.  Thank you so much to Purl.

Hope you have had time to catch up with friends

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