Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday's Treasured Blogs

I've been a huge fan of Not Quite Nigella ever since I first discovered blogs.  Written by Sydney food blogger, Lorraine, here is how she describes herself.
Not Quite Nigella is Lorraine Elliott, a cake and food enthusiast who believes that cakes belong in an art gallery. Born and raised in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, she lived on the Lower North Shore for 8 years and has now returned to the Eastern Suburbs where she lives with her food-apathetic husband who takes most of the restaurant photos for her blog whilst she takes all the still photos of the food that she cooks. In April 2013, her memoir called "Not Quite Nigella" was released by Penguin Books.
Her recipes are delicious and I love her writing style.

Do you have a favourite blog you would like to share with us?  It can even be your own.  Just mention it in your blog post and link up below.  Then we can all share in the fun.
Oh Vanessa, thank you so much for this fabulous free project.  It is adorable.
It is irresistible, actually.  I really need a coin purse, so I think I see one of these in my future.  If you would like one too, please go HERE to visit fabulous Vanessa at her brilliant blog, Tried and True.  Many many thanks to Vanessa for sharing this lovely project with us.

John has the day off  today so we are off on an adventure to seek out delicious cake.
Hope you have a delicious day too

Monday, April 27, 2015

Pink Hexies

These little hexie flowers are part of the Inchy Hexie Flower Swap and are heading off to someone who didn't receive their hexies when another member became very sick.  So they are officially angel hexie flowers.  I'm looking for a little angel button to send with them.
I haven't been sewing much in the last few days because I had a nasty MS fall, getting concussion and a very bruised wrist.  Thank goodness for Netflix, I've binged watched House of Cards Series Two and Three.  I also watched the Babadook which I thought was brilliant and very unsettling.  Can't get Ba ba dook, dook, dook out of my head.  No Mr Babadook books for me and Henry!
And speaking of my darling Henry, here he is.
He recently came to stay for a week or so which was brilliant.  That's his big brother, Wil, in the background.  Henry adores him.
I love Shiny Happy World, such a brilliant name for a blog and such a happy place to visit.  If you go HERE, Wendi shares four fabulous free embroidery patterns including this one called Tweet.
Enormous thanks to wonderful Wendy.
Have a really happy day

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Sleep In

Here's this week's sleeping cutie-pie.  And I really am having a lie in bed while I read The Girl on the Train.

Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cute, practical and fun...

...all in one fabulous free project.
This is a great one
and you can find it HERE at wonderful Sew4Home.  Huge thanks to all involved.

Smitten Kitchen is another of my very favourite places to visit.  There is so much delicious food and so many achievable recipes.  Yum yum yum! 
I'm a huge fan of Deb Perleman's writing style and I really enjoy the great insights into life in New York city.  I am constantly in awe of what she produces in her 'tiny kitchen' as she constantly explores different cuisines and ingredients. If you love to eat and love to cook I think you will love this wonderful blog too.

Do you have a blog you really enjoy?   

Please share it with us all by popping writing about it on your blog and adding yourself into Mr Linky.

Hope your day is full of fun

Monday, April 20, 2015

A lovely link...

...to a super cute project.
Please follow this LINK to wonderful Shwin & Shwin which is a fabulous blog to visit.  How wonderful is this Hipster Cat Quilt?  I love it.
Have a wonderful day

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Henry's Holiday

Henry has come to stay for a while so there will just be Fabulous Free Things links for the next few days.

Pretty little flowers are blooming over at Podunk Pretties.
Lea Anne very generously shares how to make them HERE in a very detailed tutorial.  Thank you so much Lea Anne.
Have a wonderful day

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