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Friday, November 18, 2016

Welcome home, Christa

On Thursday's I sew with a really wonderful group of women... Christa is just back from a Michelle Marvig led tour of American quilt shops and a visit to the Houston Quilt Show.  How lucky are we, as Christa bought us each a present. I am really lucky as I have the most wonderful friends.

Ever wondered how to crossstitch using waste canvas?  

Well if you follow this LINK to wonderful Sew Sweet Violet you will find out how with a fabulous tutorial named How to Cross Stitch on Linen.  I used to do this on clothes for my boys when they were babies.  Enormous thanks to lovely Jooles for sharing this with us.
Hope your day is full of fun 


  1. Lucky you guys! What a wonderful friend she is....I would keep her! LOL! Thank you for the tutorial from Jooles as I need a refresher course. I watch her podcast but I am using a Roku to watch on my t.v. and it hasn't been showing up and I am subscribed. Thanks for reminding me because I really love her podcasts. Have a great time with your friends and your 'treasures'.

  2. What wonderful gifts your friend brought back for you all.

  3. You sure do have lots of wonderful crafty friends Mel.. what special gifts from Christa.

  4. A lovely bunch of girls. Enjoy your gift.

  5. What a lovely gift. It would have been wonderful to hear stories of her travels as well.



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