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Monday, October 24, 2016

I do love to spend time in the garden...

...and not just my garden.  One of my favourite places is just a very short trip from home...Bulleen Art and Garden.  

They always have some art works in their little gallery and these beauties stole my heart.  Bit too pricey for me but I did covet them.

I am a big fan of Val Laird and her lovely designs.  She is currently sharing a lovely range of Christmas ornaments.  Val blogs at Journey of a Stitcher.  Why not pop over and say 'Hi'.
You can find ornament one HERE

and ornament two HERE.

Enormous thanks to Val for so generously sharing her talent with us all.

Have a wonderful day


  1. Very quirky! Love the ornaments too. Love making things like this to give away. Thanks for sharing the link.

  2. Oh Yes! I would want to spend some time there too!

  3. Such an interesting garden to visit MEL. Hmm the funky chooks look great but definitely a bit pricey.



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