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Friday, October 21, 2016

Sweet little Dru

My daughter-in-law is a huge Buffy fan, (I'm one too.) so a few years ago when a little white cat came to live with the family, Adrienne called her Drucilla.
I stayed at Sam and Adrienne's place for a few days when they went away for their wedding anniversary.  I looked after Henry and was company for Wil, but also got to enjoy Dru's company.  
She is such a little sweetie.

When I saw Felice Regina's gorgeous little mushroom block 
I could not resist sharing a LINK to the fabulous free pattern.  She blogs at Sew Scatterbrained.  Enormous thanks to Felice for sharing her creativity with us all.

Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend.  See you next Monday,


  1. Beautiful cat and block. Thank you for the link.

  2. Awe, How sweet! I too love Buffy, Dru is a very cute cat indeed.

  3. I'm a fan, too. I hope your Dru is less crazy than the original! :)

  4. Hello Melody,

    How lovely to spend time with that beautiful cat. Have a great weekend.

    happy days.

  5. enjoy your time with Wil ,Henry and Dru....



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