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Monday, July 25, 2016

Spoilt by Ondrea

I love crochet so I was absolutely thrilled to receive a surprise parcel from sweet Ondrea.  She always signs her letters with Angel Hugs and she is certainly my angel.   Enormous thanks...I absolutely adore my washcloths.  Mind you they will not be used as washcloths here...they will be proudly displayed on my kitchen dresser.

I am also very lucky that my lovely friend Dianne is going to teach me to crochet starting next Wednesday.
Thanks again to sweet Ondrea.
I've only just discovered Alice Caroline.  Such a beautiful place to visit especially if you adore Liberty fabrics.  This dear little rabbit pattern is shared at Alice Caroline.

You can find the pattern by following this LINK.  I think it is just so sweet.  Many thanks to all involved in sharing it with us.

Hope you are enjoying a lovely day


  1. You have made me blush! So pleased you like them. If you want to learn crochet I would recommend Attic 24 as she has very clear marked instructions to follow. Remember, as Barb told me,to ensure you stick to either UK or USA crochet as they are different with their interpretation of stitches.Enjoy.

  2. What a beautiful gift from Ondrea. Way too lovely to use as dishcloths

  3. It is beautiful crocheting. I agree with not using them.

  4. A beautiful gift. I wouldn't use them as dishcloths either.



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