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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hexie obsession

My hexie flower collection is growing. I only made one last night but I do think it is quite pretty.
A few years ago I really enjoyed embroidering hexie flower centres.

So I was very excited to read about fabulous Mollie's

Only $5 and it sounds like it will be lots of fun...so of course I signed up.  You can read more about it HERE at wonderful Wild Olive.
I think it is the gorgeous fabric which first attracted me to this bag.  But once I read the pattern I realised just how good it is so I had to share.
It is called the 1 Yard Magic Hobo Bag and is very kindly shared by Caroline at wonderful Sew Can She.  You can find the pattern and a great tutorial by following this LINK.

Hope you enjoy a wonderful day


  1. Wow that hexie is just stunning. Nobody can do fussy cutting like you!!! I have one of your embroidered hexies, just love it so much!!!!

  2. Your garden of hexies is forever blooming. So beautiful. Thanks for the links.

  3. All of your hexies are great, but I really like the one you made last night!

  4. Lovely fussy cutting and hexie Mel.

  5. Your pink art nouveau fabric hexies is the cutest and best one I have ever seen!

  6. Your flower is gorgeous and I love the embroidered centres. xx

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