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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Victoria and Albert

No, not the museum but these two gorgeous horses.  John has been looking after a friend's horses and I tagged along for feeding time.
Looks like they have been playing in the mud.

There five horses and they are all very sweet except Paris who is quite naughty.  She wouldn't let me pat her until I'd run around for about 15 minutes picking big bunches of fresh grass, which was growing on my side of the fence, and popping it in her mouth.  Look at those naughty ears drawn back before I bought her friendship with food.
One of the wonderful things about Michael's property are these magnificent trees.
It was lots of fun.

This is one of the cutest potholders I have ever seen.
And again we are so lucky as a very generous blogger has shared the fabulous design with us for free. You can find the pattern HERE, shared by wonderful Andrea of Jolijou The Blog.  Thank you so much Andrea.


  1. What a lovely way to spend the morning, Mel. I love the photo of John heading off with his bucket and the horses ahead of him.

  2. Horse sitting looks like fun!

  3. Love those horses, and who can complain of some exercise on what looks like a chilly morning!! Beautiful old trees, thanks for the photos.

  4. Gorgeous creatures. Love Paris!!! Naughty making you work so hard for a pat Lol! How magnificent is that tree x

  5. The horses look lovely Mel...what beautiful old trees, great paddock for them to be in!

  6. Hi Mel what lovely pics,I grew up with horses and now I am frightened of them ,haven't been around horse for many years,we had ponies as kids and mum and dad had pacers,from memory ,if a horses ears were back you needed to be careful,lol,I might be wrong,so glad you had a lovely day with John xx

  7. Lovely to see the sunshine, too.

  8. They are so beautiful Mel. what a gorgeous property

  9. I miss my horses so much. They were a big part of my life. Thank you for those great pics. I too LOVE that pot holder and what a great gift that would make for people.



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