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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stitching with Rosie

Every month, on the second Thursday, I travel over to Gail B's to enjoy Stitching with Rosie...it is the BEST.  Rosie designed Flowerville for us to stitch this year.  I follow her on Facebook and have been thrilled to see our next block appear.
It is awesome.
And so are the dresdens we are going to put around each block.

I think Rosie hopes to release the pattern very soon and you should be able to buy it from Gail too. You can contact Gail's shop on 61 03 9729 6442 or go to the website HERE.  They post within Australia and overseas too.

I'm pretty sure there is room for a couple more in the class if you would like to join this class of lovely and very friendly women stitching Flowerville and share in Rosie's delightful company with the added bonus of having a good look around and shopping in Gail's amazing shop.

We are all so lucky that so many incredibly talented and creative bloggers share their talents with us, just like Caroline at Sew She Can.
If you follow this LINK you will find this awesome free pattern and a great tutorial too.  Many, many thanks to Caroline for sharing it with us.
Hope you have time for some stitching today


  1. Have a wonderful time today, Melody! I really like that modern quilt - think it would be perfect for someone in my family. Thanks for all the work you do sourcing a free design every day. xx

  2. Thanks Mel Love love love Flowerville looking forward to its release.!!

  3. I would love to join you at Rosies if only I could! Lovely pattern with your variegated thread and the beautiful dresden surrounding it.

  4. Oh how lucky you are to sit and stitch with Rosie. I met her at our little local craft fair once. You would think after a couple of days a person would be tired and just going through the motions but she was so friendly and enthusiastic. So sharing and definitely caring. Not only one of Australia's finest designers but a lovely soul as well. If I lived closer, I would definitely join you. Enjoy your time with her. It sounds like you do. Love your blog. :)

  5. The stitchery is gorgeous Mel, what thread did you use, I love the colours you have used.

  6. Love the stitching - and the design. You are such a lucky lady!!

  7. I am really enjoying seeing the blocks for Flowerville, what an absolutely darling design!

  8. lovely block and so lucky to go and have time to sew together... fun fun fun




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