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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Stitch stitch stitch

I spent yesterday evening madly stitching away in the hope of getting up to date with Rosie's brilliant stitcheries.  I'm a member of her Stitching With Rosie group at Gail B's and each month we receive a wonderful stitchery which will come together to make up a quilt called Flowerville.  I am so in love with this project, but I've fallen behind. Now I am super motivated to catch up, so I'll be devoting all my stitching time to this project for the next couple of weeks. Here's where I got up to on Month 3.
I'm using Cottage Garden Threads Tulip for the houses, a couple of Cosmo green for the stems and then each month each garden has a different colour scheme.  This block uses purple and two blues. I'm thinking of using the new Bonnie and Camille collection Hello Darling, to surround each stitchery.
I have a fairly good stash of other Bonnie and Camille ranges so they will be able to go into the quilt too.

This is pretty special...a fabric selvage basket.
Ros shares her delightful version of the 1 Hour Basket Tutorial , HERE on her delightful blog, Sew Delicious.
Hope you enjoy a wonderful day


  1. You go girl! What beautiful stitchery and I love that thread you use. Bonnie and Camille is so pretty..I love all their fabrics. It's going to be gorgeous when you're done!
    Love the salvage bag too! Thanks!

  2. your stitchery is looking lovely.. such a pretty tulip thread..

  3. A very pretty stitchery Mel. Love the colours.

  4. What a beautiful stitchery! Love Rosalie's designs! :) x

  5. Such gorgeous stitcheries and such a pretty color you've chosen Mel



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