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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Di Ford Hall

I've been longing to do some classes with Di Ford Hall.  I've been on the waiting list at Sewn and Quilted, for a what seems like ages, but finally I enjoyed my first class with this lovely and inspiring lady. I was totally captivated by Di and came home wanting to fussy cut pentagons forever.  She is a wonderful teacher, I learned so much just by listening to everything she said to each student.
In the class I started cutting some pieces for the broderie perse on Rotherfield Greys.  I'll be using this treasured piece of bee fabric for the background of my centre medallion.
How gorgeous is this fabric Di helped me pick for one of the borders.  These are basically the colours I'll be using in my quilt...
...and I'm hoping to incorporate some of Di's first fabric range which is due out in October.  
This picture is from Di's Facebook page HERE.
When it is finished I'm planning to give this quilt to my parents for their 70th anniversary of being together.  They met when they were 16 so they will be 86, gives me three years to finish it.  I'm very confident they will still be around.  I'm from a family which lives a really long time.  My grandma Thornhill lived to 107!
You can find the Rotherfield Greys pattern in Di's brilliant book

Wow, Wow, WOW
How wonderful is this quilt!  The tutorial shared on A Little Bit Biased, showing you how to make the fabulous pineapple block is HERE.  Enormous thanks to Amber for so generously sharing it with us.
Happy stitching


  1. How great, I too would wait to have a class with her. I will be watching for your progress.

  2. Your quilt is going to be amazing, Mel. xx

  3. Oh just drooling over your post Mel! No wonder you enjoyed it so much xx

  4. very cool! I enjoyed quilting Di Fords Mountmellick for one of my customers, lovely designs.

  5. Wow! Something to aspire to. What a wonderful cherished gift it will be.

  6. Lucky you Mel - so much wonderful inspiration

  7. Such wonderful fabric, can't wait to see it come together!



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