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Friday, May 29, 2015

GJ's Fabrics

On my way home on Wednesday I thought I'd check out where GJ's Fabrics was moving to in Fairfield.  
To my absolute delight it was open two days early.  
It is brilliant...
...absolutely brilliant...
...there is something for everyone here + huge amounts of dance costume fabrics too.
How lucky am I to have all this loveliness only 20 minutes from home?
It was fabulous to meet wonderful Georgie too and have a little tour including the fabulous class-room/group venue upstairs.
There is heaps of parking too.
The address is 31 Steane Street Fairfield.
They also have a new phone number 03 94825528.
Here's a lovely block and there is a great tutorial showing you how to make it HERE
at wonderful Shabby Home.  Many many thanks to fabulous Francesca for sharing it with us.
Hope you have a fun filled day


  1. Wow......looks great! Thanks for sharing & parking availability, finding parking puts me off shopping in unknown areas!

  2. I got SO excited reading this post!
    Then remembered I live in England - dam it -
    Lucky you!!

  3. wow that shop looks fantastic............

  4. *swoons* The next time we're in Melbourne I'm making it a point to get my butt to GJ's. Seriously, it looks like a quilters Nirvana!

  5. I can't wait to see the new GJ's shop! It looks amazing from your photos. Very dangerous as it is even closer to my mums house now.



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