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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fairfield is the place to be...

...because you will find Kellie's gorgeous shop, Cutting Cloth, right opposite the station.
It is breath-takingly gorgeous...and full of the most wonderful fabrics and gifts.
How gorgeous is the classroom
and even the little kids colouring table stole my heart.
 Cutting Cloth
282 Wingrove Street

Fairfield, Victoria
phone 0409 860 402
You can find Cutting Cloth online HERE

You really must visit and do it quickly as Kellie's classes are filling up really, really quickly. Just look out for FIDO on the corner of Station Street and turn into Wingrove Street and you'll be there.
Having you read my blog makes me happy so I couldn't resist this sweet project when I saw it HERE.
Many thanks to Cindy Hopper at HP Create for sharing it with us.

We've got little Henry visiting at the moment so I know I'll have a fun day.  
Here he is at his very first footy match.  He must have brought his team good luck as Melbourne won.

Hope you have a fun day too.


  1. wow you have so many great patchwork shops close by.............so so far to a patchwork shop here............and they seriously lack inspiration..............

  2. Henry looks pretty happy about a Demon's win! Looks like a good time to be a Melbourne supporter- they are on the up! I have Cutting Cottons on my list to visit- it looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos Mel!

  3. thanks for visiting those shops and taking us with you, Kellie's shop looks amazing.
    Well done to Henry, he is so gorgeous.

  4. Does this mean there are two quilt shops now in Fairfield? Are they near each other? Sounds like a drive is needed!

  5. How fun to view pictures of Kellie's shop -- I SOOO wish I could visit. Thanks for sharing your pictures -- they're beautiful!!!

  6. I was oh so close today. Drove past the station on the way to footy with Austin. Thought I could call in on the way home. But a hurt ankle meant we had to drive straight past! I could almost touch GJ's as well!

  7. Beautiful shop!!!! Little Henry is a cutie x

  8. Looks like a top shop,have fun with Henry xx

  9. Hi Mel ,wow this shop looks amazing,Thankyou for sharing,have a wonderful time with Henry,love his smiling face ,he was enjoying the footy xx



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