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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Teeny Tiny Christmas

As I've mentioned many times I adore little things.  Miniatures fill my heart with joy.  So when I received these gifts in the Mill Rosie swap I was thrilled.

This little brooch is divine, small and very cute.
It was accompanied by some hot chocolate powder and this beautiful little Christmas tree.
Lucky lucky me.  Enormous thanks to Marina of Maisie and the Boys.

Hexies always catch my eye.  So as soon as I saw these gorgeous coasters I set about finding the pattern.
And HERE it is, accompanied by a fabulous tutorial.  I found it at Wild Olive and would like to thank Mollie very much for sharing it with us all.
Happy Sunday


  1. I am a fan of miniature things too. Marina's stitching is so perfect for such a small project.

  2. thanks for swapping gifts with me Mel, seems we are destined to be serial swappers
    Could I pinch a pic as I didn't photograph my gifts before the swap?

  3. Wonderful pieces and I like the miniatures. I need to get creative and see what kind of trees I can make with what I have in my house.


  4. What fun! Love,the little tree! My goodness, I can't take so many great ideas !!

  5. such gorgeous wee miniatures Marina made for you Mel..

  6. Stunning miniature, love the tree, lovely gifts :)

  7. Gorgeous gifts, alright, Melody, lovely Marina :-) Thank you for the link as well - looks well worth checking out!

  8. Lovely gifts. Thanks for the hexie link.

  9. How gorgeous Mel. That miniature so small. Marina is a beautiful stitcher

  10. Marina's tree is so cute. I want to make some of those brooch's.. Have to source those hoops

  11. Such sweet tiny gifts! Lucky you. :-)

  12. Oh! Where do you get the teeny tiny hoop? I want to make that and also the tree! What gorgeous gifts! Can you get the name of the patterns? Love them!



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