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Monday, November 24, 2014

I Love a Bargain

On Friday afternoon at my sewing group we were chatting about sewing projects with insulated wadding.  This is a pretty expensive product to buy and a bit tricky to find here in Australia.  I have a cheap and very widely available alternative.  An insulated shopping bag such as this one at Aldi for only $2.  
On quite a few occasions I've cut out the lining to insulate an oven mitt or a water bottle holder.  If you are careful how you cut, you can still use the outer bag to carry shopping which doesn't need to be kept cool.

A few people have asked me what I do with the beautiful Michelle Palmer original drawings I buy on Etsy.  
Take a closer look.  They are exquisite. Each one an original.  Each one hand drawn.  Amazing little works of art.
One of the ways I turn them into gifts is to pop down to my local $2 shop (sorry I'm not sure what they are called in the USA or Europe) and buy a little canvas and easel combination for only $2.50.  I then tack the drawing to some fabric and stretch it over the canvas. 
If the canvas is not big enough simply buy a bigger one - the easel will support larger boards too. (I got 5 for $1.50) You can put the little canvas in your stash for using later.  
I think it makes a beautiful and unique gift and is suitable for a friend who rents and is not allowed to put nails or picture hangers into their walls.  I've also given them as gifts to friends in hospital as they are small enough to sit easily on a hospital side table.
Today I wanted to show you the lovely gifts our dear friend and super swap mama, Cheryll,gave to me on her recent visit to the Mill Rosie Get Together. The most beautiful hand turned pincushion and a charming needle holder. Thank you so much dear Chez for my gorgeous gifts.

Here is a LINK to a super cute project.
I found it at fabulous Believe & Inspire where Javeriya shares many of her designs with us.  Huge thanks to Javeriya.
Happy Monday


  1. Love all your tips and drawings thanks Mel :)

  2. What a great idea about the insulated bag! Super clever!

  3. I can see why you like the little drawings - how very talented some people are, they are quite remarkable and what a great idea on how to display them. Thks xxx

  4. What a great tip as I just put Insulbright on my list for my trip tomorrow for making one of those small ironing boards for quilting. Brilliant idea! Thank you!

  5. I love your idea to use the easels for the little artwork pieces! I'm going to have to get some of those! :0)

  6. Sooo darn clever Melody...great money saving ideas with the insulbright!!

  7. Another good insulating idea are the car window screen covers. Sunscreens.

  8. Great tips Mel! Like you I just adore Michele Palmers gorgeous work.

  9. what great ideas Mel our Dory is very generous xx

  10. I just use INSULBRITE and line it but this way is more suitable for some projects. Yes Cheryll's gift was lovely. I still have to photograph mine. I am still trying to catch up. That is a clever idea to use those drawings. What lovely gifts. I'll store that in my gift folder..... Thanks

  11. The drawings are adorable! You are one lucky lady. Thank you for the hints and tips!!

  12. great ideas Mel.......who woulda thunk? You're clever!!!! Looove Michelle's art.....must go and have a look at her etsy shop. Have a great week xox :o)



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