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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My bounty from beautiful Barb

At our Mill Rosie Get Together I received a fabulous present from my dear friend Barb.  I told Barb I was saving it to open on Christmas day but it kept calling to me, in a seductive little whisper, "Open me, open me". I tried to resist but today I surrendered to temptation and now I have the most beautiful candle mat sitting on my coffee table. (I did take it outside to take the photo).  There was also a gorgeous candle, yummy bag of sweeties and a Christmas mug.
I love Barb's crochet and I love this piece of Christmas cheer.
Spoilt lucky me.  Huge thanks to sweet Barb.

Here is a beautiful project
and here the LINK.  It is very kindly shared by Amy at brilliant Diary of a Quilter.  Thank you so much Amy.
Hope you are having a fabulous day
Ooops, I almost forgot to show you the gorgeous pin cushion that Barb made for me.  Thanks again, Barb.


  1. Beautiful Mel. Looked like it was useless to resist. LOL!

  2. Beautiful candle mat Barb is so clever !

  3. Barb certainly puts together a lovely parcel! I've been good and still haven't eaten my chocolates yet!

  4. Oh how lucky are you. Barb does a beautiful job with her crochet

  5. Wow - lucky girl!!!

  6. Beautiful gifts from Barb there, Melody... love the crochet...

  7. Hi Melody - Stop into my Blog to see who won!! And you don't need to publish this comment, I just didn't know how else to get in touch with you!!

  8. Barb is such a clever gal! Gorgeous crocheted mat there along with some other beautiful gifts. I feel the love. Hehehhe.

  9. Beautiful gifts from sweet Barb



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