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Monday, May 12, 2014

Old Linen

I had a wonderful Mother's Day treat, a trip to the Ballarat Heritage Festival and the wonderful Apron Festival. 
I bought some really beautiful old linen while there including these delightful pieces.  These were all only $1 each.  An amazing bargain.
Those little hollyhocks have stolen my heart.
Today's link is to this charming cross stitch very kindly and generously shared HERE at delightful The Chalet des Perelles
This is such a beautiful blog, with a charming romantic feel and the most exquisite pictures.
Hope you fit in some stitching today


  1. Hi Mel, I am glad you had a lovely Mothers Day. You certainly got some lovely things - the hollyhocks are just gorgeous! Thanks for the link to the sweet pattern too x

  2. LOVE LOVE the vintage linens!!

  3. $1.00 each is such a bargain for those beautiful doilies!!! An Apron Festival would be fun to see.

  4. those doilies are exquisite, Mel. It was great being out and about in Ballarat during the Heritage festival; the highlight for me was the Apron Festival late yesterday afternoon. The venue was lovely and the displays were fabulous; I loved seeing all the vintage aprons and there were some pretty and imaginative contest entries too. Glad you had such a good day.

  5. you found some lovely old linens.... will you make something with them or just enjoy them as they are...

  6. Those are such lovely linens. The hollyhocks would have stolen my heart too.

  7. Lovely buys Mel. I love those hollyhocks too.

  8. Oh my - what beautiful treasures you found!

  9. I love old linens, as well. These are so pretty. I'm sure a lot of love and attention to detail went into making them all. Thank you for the link to such an enchanting blog!

  10. Looks like you scored some beautiful pieces!



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