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Monday, January 27, 2014

Still working

on my sewing room so today I'll be staying in, sanding and painting.  Not nearly as much fun as stitching and quilting.
This LINK is pretty special as it leads to this wonderful project.
Wow, Wow, Wow I want one.  I really really really want one.  So isn't it lucky that fabulous Amanda at Kaleidoscope of Colors shares the details of how to make one in her wonderfully detailed tutorial HERE.
Through Vicki's GYB party I discovered Claire's blog, Another Deep Day.  To celebrate her 50th birthday in April she is having 13 weeks of giveaways.  How wonderful and generous.  Please pop over and say Hi.
Just another reminder that I'm having a Giveaway.  Please go to Jan 25th post to read about it and enter.  The prize is four fabulous Ric-Rac patterns.
Have a great Day


  1. That Vintage Book Organiser is awesome!! Your sewing room is going to look wonderful with polished floorboards!!

  2. All the effort of sanding and painting will be worth it melody. And the little organiser is very special!!

  3. How fabulous is that vintage book organiser! I can't wait to see the finished sewing room!

  4. Looking forward to hearing about your re vamped sewing room. Thank you for the wonderful links that you find, really super. Have a lovely day.

  5. Love that vintage book holder ,thanks for the link will have a look.Enjoy your work in the sewing room.xx

  6. Absolutely love that vintage book organizer. So cute. Thank you for sharing :)

  7. that vintage book is awesome Mel and you take it easy we are in for a few hot days,it will look fantastic when you are finished Mel.xx

  8. that book organizer is such a cute idea.

  9. Love the organizer, thanks for the link. Don't over do the sanding and painting, save some energy for stitching.

  10. I'm sure your sewing room will be lovely when finished. Gorgeous organizer, thank you for the link. xx

  11. Oh Melody, thank you for sharing the link to that adorable organizer book! I agree that I must, must, must have one of my own... I was already over at Amanda's reading the instructions! (giggle)
    Beth P



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