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Sunday, January 26, 2014

I am a Hoarder

I just didn't realize how bad I was until I spent Saturday removing everything from my sewing room.  It is a very small bedroom and it's hard to believe just how much I'd managed to cram in there.

Everything has come out as I've decided to rip up the carpet, sand and tung oil the floor.  I'm going to look very carefully at everything that goes back in and try to be ruthless with my stash.  There is just too much for one person to sew even if I do live to 107.  
I recently discovered my great grandma, Grandma Thornhill, did reach this amazing age so I've been going around promising/threatening everyone I plan to do the same.

As a consequence of my huge tidying job I have nothing to show except a sneaky peak of my Valentine's Day Swap item which is going in the post on Tuesday.  

My lovely present from Jan has arrived and I look forward to showing both gifts on Valentine's Day.

I'm one of Vicki's helpers in the Grow Your Blog party and last night I visited each of these blogs which was a lot of fun.
I plan to try to visit everyone who played along over the next few weeks,and since there are nearly 600 it should keep me out of mischief for quite awhile.  Please visit Vicki at 2 Bags Full to read more.
Another day...another creative gem...another free pattern and a brilliant tutorial.  We are all so lucky.
This one is by super creative Little Miss Shabby and is shared at Bloglovin' under the heading Sew Mama Sew.  You can find it HERE and I'm sure you will be just as impressed as me.  Enormous thanks to Corey.

Don't forget to enter the Giveaway on my yesterday's Grow Your Blog post.  Please leave your entry in yesterday's comments as I'll, or rather Mr Random Drawer thingy, will draw from those comments only.

Finally happy Australia Day to everyone.  
The weather in Melbourne is wonderful at the moment so John and I are off to one of our very favourite places, Mt Macedon, for lunch.
Have a wonderful day


  1. That star pillow is adorable. I wish I had the time! Thanks for sharing the inspiration, anyway. Have a super day!

  2. Ha ha. Your sewing room sounds exactly like mine. I don't plan on taking everything out but I am not purchasing much of anything new. I feel just like you do. I cannot use it all up but I will definitely try to use up a lot of it.
    Happy Australia Day!

  3. Happy Australia Day ... and I LOVE this cushion. :)

  4. My Grandma reached 101, down in Cornwall England, Lived in her own house the whole time and loved her garden, Sweet Peas her favourite flower. Have a lovely day, that place looks wonderful.

  5. Have a lovely lunch out... And enjoy the big clean up !!!

  6. hey! found my way here from the gyb party. i'm a hoarder too. i'm in the process of taking everything out of my space b/c i'm having a baby and he needs a room - had absolutely no idea how much stuff I had. lol... hope you'll stop by and visit me as well!

  7. What a lovely picture of your great grandmother! That is a long time to live. Hopefully, they were all wonderful years.

  8. Good luck with all the sorting. Sewing rooms can hold a huge amount of treasures!
    We found that having to empty rooms to replace flooring was the perfect time for de-cluttering - and finding long lost goodies.
    What an amazing woman your great grandmother must have been! That is an incredible age.
    Hope you had a lovely day out for Australia Day.

  9. My dear Grandma was born in 1916. She still lives alone and goes to quilting every Thursday and church every Sunday :) She still makes quilts and does hand quilting at her weekly meetings, what an inspiration she has been to me! I am a hoarder too:) I cannot bear to get rid of any fabric and I always say yes when someone offers me scraps LOL...can't help myself! I might need it! xx debbie

  10. Good luck sorting everything out -- It will defiantly help with your fabric destash and purge.

  11. Good job on deciding to clean out your sewing room........I did that a few years ago with the attic over my garage....I had things up there that I'd been dragging around for 30 years! Of all the stuff I got rid of I can really say I haven't missed most of it.....the pillow is lovely...thanks for sharing the pattern!

  12. Have a lovely day and happy Australia Day Melody :-)

  13. Hi, I've come over from GYB--I am not a quilter or stitcher, but I love the star pillow above--beautiful! Thank you for helping to moderate the blogs, I know it has been a big job!

  14. What a great photo of your Great Grandmother, Mel. My Great Grandmother got to 99! I bet you get a surprise with what you find in your sewing room. You've probably forgotten about half of the stuff!

  15. Your sewing room sounds like most peoples sewing rooms!!! Good luck with being ruthless. Vicki's GYBP is a great event in blog world - I am enjoying visiting blogs on the list - well done to you for helping Vicki out!! Lovely photo of your Great Grandmother!

  16. I arrived here for the "Grow Your Blog " party and when I saw the header of this post, I had a great laugh...as I have been trying to do the same thing...we added a new master bedroom several years ago and I used our "old" one for all my creative needs, well, I got the brain storm of an idea (what was I thinking) to put that room into a guest room being it has it's own bathroom and all, so it all came out into the living room and I don't even know how it all fit in the room in the first place, of course during all the mess a friend stopped by and she said "I have never seen a hoarders house before.....LOL...she is not a sewer or crafter so has no idea!! anyhow, I am your newest follower and hope you visit me at nelliesnest.blogspot.com!!

  17. Happy Australian Day to you!! i saw that. how will you celebrate? enjoy it!! i watch a Louis who is visiting Australia now & i wonder how he will celebrate too? hi there. i'm Beth from E. Lizard Breath Speaks - so nice to meet you through the Grow Your Blog get together/party. ( :

  18. I am also a hoarder! When the ceiling in my sewing room fell in (due to a leak our roof while on vacation) and my husband had to go in there and pull everything out......Well, I was discovered! I am getting better and trying to work from stash! It's a disease of every creative person! Enjoy the bloghopping!

  19. I'm a horder too, Isn't it amazing how much stuff you can fit into a small space. It sounds like a good chance for you to have a sort through your things. I bet you'll find some treasures. That is such a wonderful photo of your great grandmother!

  20. can't wait to see the remake on your sewing room

  21. Hi Melody, looking forward to seeing the remake of your sewing studio! I redid my studio last year and like you, I couldn't believe how much I had managed to stuff into a tiny 9 x 11 bedroom! I was changing focus in my artsy-ness and sold off a lot of my stuff in my Etsy shop. I couldn't believe how much money I made... it actually paid for my new spinning wheel! You might want to think about having a little sale yourself. If you don't have an Etsy shop its easy peasy to set up... I would be glad to help if you need it! Then you could have some money in your pocket to buy new things for your studio! LOL!
    Anywho, loved that little pillow, and I adore your blog design! I am one of Vicki's helpers too! Small world! :D Hope you enjoyed your lunch yesterday at Mt. Macedon! I look forward to reading many more posts... I'm one of your new followers :D
    Hugs always,
    Beth P



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