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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Taking it easy

in the Melbourne heat, by lying around and reading - bliss.  In the evening I had a bit of fun blog surfing looking for some great links for you.

First I visited Zaira's Mango and Passionfruit for this butterfly freebie
then followed a LINK to Studio d. Sharp where Denise Sharp shared how to make this birthday card in a Tutorial HERE.
Just gorgeous.  Thanks to both super talented bloggers.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Two great links, Thanks Melody. It is off to work for me in a few mins - wish it was still the long weekend though - lol!

  2. Take it easy again today, It is going to be another hot one. Thanks for the links.

  3. So hot there and so cold here....although yesterday was really nice here and I was outside. Cleaning the garage but I got to enjoy the warmth. Those butterflies and card are beautiful. I went to the store yesterday and was able to get the rest of the materials I needed for the hexie travel kit so there's nothing stopping me now......except laundry, dishes, cleaning....etc. Stay cool!

  4. suck lovely projects ,thankyou for the links Mel,take care my lovely friend.xx

  5. Typically we have been getting the heatwave after Melbourne but with a cyclone hovering off the QLD coast, who knows what will happen. All I know is that it is lovely at the moment. You have the right idea though.....taking it easy in the heat.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  6. Cool card, butterflies are so neat. Thanks for the links. Keep cool if you can.

  7. Lovely card, thanks for the link.

  8. Glad you are resting during your hot weather.

  9. Hi Melody. Those butterflies are sooo cute! Thanks for sharing. Thanks also for sharing the link to the Grow Your Blog party. Unfortunately I missed this year's event but I am looking forward to checking out some of the blogs. Hope you survived the heat ok. Tracy.



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