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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday Night with Friends

I'm starting to feel quite a bit better so I had a very happy Friday Night sewing with my bloggy friends. This night was organised by lovely Cheryll at Gone Stitchin'.  She is such a star and organises so many fabulous things for us all.  Thank you so much, Cheryll.
Can't show what I am making as it is another Secret Squirrel project but it was wonderful to be sewing again.

All my stitching time is now taken up with sewing Christmas gifts and soon I'll have to think of wrapping them all.  Here are some great ideas to help with this fun task.
If I'm looking for gorgeousness my mind always turns to fabulous Lisa and Sarah at A Spoonful of Sugar.  They are wrapping with red twine and dolies, gingham and buttons.

Magic Moonlight Free Images is another amazing place to visit.  There are lots of delightful Christmas images to make into cards and tags.
More contemporary Christmas delights are kindly shared at charming Urban Daisies.

This one stole my heart.  The whole post at Odessa May Society is inspiring.
And finally there's a great tutorial on Chatelaine which teaches you how to tie the perfect bow.

Enormous thanks to everyone for so generously sharing.


  1. glad you are picking up Melody. seems there is a lot of secret stuff as we head towards deadlines!

  2. Pleased to hear that you are feeling a bit better. Take care. Hugs

  3. Glad you had a good night, I did too. I love the wrapping as much as making the gifts.

  4. Thanks Mel... you always find the best freebies! Glad you are feeling a little better... and dropped in for a sew with us! Great secrets every where! :)

  5. I think there was a lot of secret sewing going on last night!

  6. it was good that you got to sew Mel,hope you are feeling better.xx

  7. Thanks for all the lovely wrapping and giftie ideas Mel. I am glad you are feeling a better and that you enjoyed stitching with us all. Hugs x

  8. So glad you're feeling better and back to sewing. Thank you for the gorgeous links, it's so nice seeing ideas for wrapping and gift tag, Wendy xx

  9. Sew pleased you are well enough again to have been able to join in with all the ladies.. Yes Cheryll is a wonder..

  10. Glad you felt well enough to join in. Thanks for the links, always nice to do something new with your gifts. Hugs.....

  11. Hi Melody glad to hear you are feeling a bit better, and glad you were able to spend some time on secret stuff for FNFW.
    You are amazing the way you find so many wonderful sites packed with free stuff...

  12. Hi there Melody, I am sorry to hear you have not been feeling too well. I do hope you are feeling much better VERY soon <3. I am sorry also that I ahve been absent for so long and have not dropped in to catch up on your news or join in with Tuesdays Treasures. I can't believe how quickly time flies when you have so much to do.
    I have tried to contact you but seems this is the only way I am able at the moment.
    I am having a new blog launch with a free giveaway if you are interested in helping me share the love :-)
    Be well very soon Melody.
    Sending you much love and cyber {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}
    Love Rochelle xxx

  13. Glad to hear you're feeling better,MMmmm secret sewing the best kind! :) Barb.

  14. Sorry to hear you've not been well. I hope you "snap back" soon! Thank you, as always, for your wonderful free ideas and instructions.
    I wish you could share what you're working on because I always love your projects but I understand....gifts, Christmas, secrets come with the season! Get well soon and thank you again so much!

  15. Pleased you are feeling more the thing, being able to stitch can make things feel so much better, even if they may not really be. Fabulous links you have shared, though I will never be able to make a bow look like that, lol

  16. Great ideas and links Melody, thanks....must be a common theme this Christmas....I have red twin...e for wrapping too!!!! Must pop over and see what the girls have done with theirs.....so much inspiration in blogville!!!! Secret squirrel stitchin'.......mmmm...must get onto mine!!!! LOL
    sugary hugs
    Wendy :O) xox

  17. glad to hear you are feeling better, i need to get some sewing mojo happening here. I got some stuff to get done and its not doing it by itself!!



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