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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

There's still lots of cold weather around in Melbourne this time of the year, especially early in the morning when the clear skies mean the air is crisp and it can even be frosty. 

This is my favourite time to be out in the garden.  Everything is glistening with dew and the air is fresh and cold and invigorating.  It can be very cold out there at 6.00am and that is where my this week's treasure comes in.  It's my adorable, warm, cozy, felted wool winter hat.  
Here I am wearing it at a Steam rally I attended with John and Sam and his boys. While they played with steam engines I found a little place on the railway station to sit and eat a devonshire tea.
I purchased my hat from the Healesville Spinners and Weavers Group and I LOVE IT.  Yep it's so good it's worth shouting about.
I couldn't resist adding this pic of Henry.  While at the rally we spotted a car with this number plate, just perfect for a picture of Henry.

Do you have something you treasure to share with us today.  Just pop your details into Mr Linky and play along.

I fell in love with this the moment I saw it...
...and there is a tutorial
...and it is brilliant
...and it's at Tea Rose Home.  Here's the LINK.
Huge thanks to Sachiko.


  1. Lovely shares! I also have a grandson named Henry, he is our youngest grand 5 months old.

  2. Looks so warm and cosy, and you definitely can't beat a Devonshire tea.

  3. Ummmm Devonshire tea looks scrumptious, Love the hat Mel. Little Henry is gorgeous...

  4. Love a good Devonshire tea. Henry is a cutie.

  5. How cute do you look in that hat! Love it!

  6. That is such a lovely photo of you Mel! You can never have enough scones with jam and cream. Little Henry is just gorgeous too!

  7. You look gorgeous in your lovely woolly hat. Can't believe you still have need of it though...bbbrrr! Oh those scones look yummo..Henry is such a sweetie and how cool was the number plate.

  8. You look super cute in your hat... almost as cute as little Henry!
    Kat xx

  9. what a cute picture of Henry and you look so great in your hat..... take care special friend...

  10. The hat looks great on you. Little Henry is very cute.



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