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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Some Friday Sewing

I got a chance to do a bit of sewing yesterday so I made a swap block 

and I found this cute cat fabric in my stash and so thought I'd turn it into a charity quilt top for Inspirational Quilts.  It's all in flannels so hopefully someone will find it cuddly.

I also put together a parcel for a friend's daughter.

And made three of my little scissor fobs.

So all in all it was a most productive day.

for a super (Sewing) Class Roll from fabulous Nikki at You Sew Girl.  It would make a great present.  Thank you for sharing, Nikki.


  1. lovely projects Mel,that cat fabric is very cute.xx

  2. very productive Friday.... love the kitty quilt... hope your weekend is great..

  3. Your scissor fobs are so sweet! I really cherish mine! The quilt for Inspirational quilts will be so appreciated! I am definitely doing something for them this year!

  4. Love the churn dash, pink and grey is always good together. And the cat quilt certainly looks very cozy! Looks like you are having fun over there!

  5. Very productive day, love the block, it's very pretty. And the kitty quilt is lovely.

  6. I love churn dash blocks! Your quilt is lovely, I know someone will love it. Your scissor fobs are great...mine with the fob you made me are always by my side!

  7. Looks like a good day to me, the churn dash is one of my favourite blocks and the one you have made is a beauty. I too use the scissor fob you sent me every day as its on the scissors i keep next to my sewing machine.

  8. Love what you have been doing Melody - very industrious :)

  9. Beautiful swap block and I am sure your cuddlely cat quilt will be much loved by someone.
    Little fobs are so sweet....

  10. Love that mushroom fabric! the scissor fobs are lovely. I've actually made that sewing holder you've linked to, and I gave it as a present!

  11. Lovely swap block and your quilt will keep someone very cozy , it is sweet and nothing is nicer than flannel for keeping you warm . You have been very busy :-)



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