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Friday, April 13, 2012

I love Nana Company

I am so much in love with the work of Amy at Nana Company.  I just love her style.  She has a really distinct look and if I see something of hers on Pinterest I know it's hers without checking the source.  One of the things she does which I particularly love is put these distinctive little tags on her projects.

I love this so much I decided to copy the idea.  Obviously I didn't want my little tags to be exactly the same as Amy's so I hunted around until I found some fabulous fabric I felt was very me.  And last night at NOTYQ I made a few little tags to put on my swap projects.  I'm in quite a few swaps at the moment so maybe one will be coming your way.

I finally finished the stitching on my Kilmore Quilter's Maree's Mystery Challenge quilt. Now to add some appliquéd birds.  I'm trying to put all my hand stitching efforts into these early rounds before the quilt gets too big.

I also sewed on the binding of a NOTYQ charity quilt.  This group is very generous in its donations to the community.  I've committed to making quilts for Inspirational Quilts this year but I'd like to help at NOTYQ too so I'll be regularly sewing on quilt bindings and I'll show you these quilts as well.
A bit naughty I know but I couldn't resist this little fabric bundle from Hawthorne Threads.  It's called Fly a Kite by October Afternoon.


There's a fabulous tutorial on How to Applique at Nana Company.  Take a look HERE.  Thank you, Amy


  1. l also love nana company Mel you put me onto them awhile back,love her ideas,oh such cute fabric.xx

  2. Lots of pretty things to look at...the labels, the new fabric and your lovely hexagon block! Enjoy this wonderful Autumn Melbourne day, Mel!

  3. what gorgeous little tags you made.... I haven't known Nana company so will look her up.... love your projects... lovely as always...

  4. Well gosh I had to subscribe to nana company, lol, great blog! Love your labels...what a cute idea. You're sure staying busy with pretty things, hon!

  5. I agree, Melody! Amy has a wonderfully fresh, yet vintage style that always catches the eye. :-)
    Love your fabrics - yum yum! And also your tags!!

  6. The tags are a great idea and a neat way to personalise your gifts/projects. Thanks for the link too - Amy's site does look a great place to visit.

  7. Just lovely Melody. I love Amy's style too and her tags are gorgeous. Love what you've come up with. Thanks so much for the links again xx

  8. Your tags are so sweet, they will make a lovely touch to your swap goodies.
    Great progress on your mystery quilt. It's so pretty.
    Love your new fabrics!

  9. Me too! I follow Amy and I love her work. Love your little tags. Linda x

  10. Yout tags are so sweet Melody..
    Thanks for the link to Nana Company..

  11. LoVe your little tags Melody... they are gorgeous!



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