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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hi to Melbourne Bloggers

Simone of Quilts N Cats and I will be the Australasian Quilt Convention  at the Exhibition Buildings here in Melbourne today.  Please look out for my us and say hello. I'll have my blogger bag with me, so you can spot us.

My lovely friend Leanne, who has a long arm quilting business and quilts my quilts, is just learning to crochet and is in love with afghan blankets.  So I looked around for her and found this, and so much more, at Free Vintage Crochet.  What a brilliant resource.


  1. Wish I could pop in for a visit... :( ... but it's just too far! Hope you see lots of blog friends! :)

  2. Oh Melody, my friend and I went to the AQC on Thursday, it would have been lovely to have met you in person, you'll see some lovely quilts on display and the shops .... well what can I say except I made some very nice purchases....;)

  3. have fun Mel.xx

  4. I really want to go to this, but finances just bad at the moment.
    Take a look at the 2nd prize winner of the quilt challenge. Women Unite by Jennie-Maree Tempest. I know this lady from when I owned the quilt shop in KooWeeRup. Just an amazing quilter and person.I'm so proud of her.
    Enjoy your day!

  5. Have an amazing time. I was there yesterday and loved it

  6. That bag of yours is really something extra!

  7. Hope you have a wonderful time at the exhibition. I'm sure you'll find many friends there and with your beautiful bag you'll surely be found.



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