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Friday, March 16, 2012

Home Sweet Home BOM Part Three

Every little town needs a school house so I added one to my Penny Rug this month.

Cut out the pattern pieces following the instructions on the template sheets.
You can download the templates HERE.

Sew lines across the school house building and bell-tower 1/4" apart.  This is to give the impression of weatherboards (clapboards)

I like to assemble my building first by gluing the pieces together.  I use Glad Bake as a mat.  If you'd rather you can use Heat and Bond or Vliesofix to hold the pieces in place.

Then position the school house on the end of your penny rug and glue in place.  Now it's time to stitch around each piece and add some stitched details. I added some 1/4" felt strips around the door to make a little porch.

Sew a little bell onto the bell tower and you can call the kiddies into their lessons.

Hope you are enjoying stitching your penny rug as much as me.
PS Don't forget tonight is Friday Night Sew In.  This month you can sign up with Heidi


  1. so cute Mel,i love the detail you have put into the school house,awesome.xx

  2. Your little shcool is adorable.

  3. lovely part 3! I am downloading your pattern and it has a home in my 'to do' basket. I love the little bell, cute detail.

  4. Just lovely, Melody :) I am enjoying this, and your design is looking very promising!
    Hugs, Kathy

  5. Oh Melody this is so darling!!! Thank you sweetie-pie, I just love it!

  6. I love the school.... great block thanks

  7. That is so cute, Melody, I just LOVE it. :o)

  8. Lovely school house Melody! You sure look like you are all having FuN with this stitch along! :)

  9. Being a teacher makes your school house all the more endearing to me. Love it!

  10. The little red School house is so gorgeous Melody.

  11. Your little school house is adorable! Ah, for the simple days of education!! I think teaching in a school house like that would have been an absolute pleasure!

  12. I love the red school house Melody, it's perfect! I look forward to adding it to my penny rug.



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