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Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Irish Day

A couple of years ago I called out to my little dogs and there was something strange about my voice.  I was born in England and spent the first five years of my life in the Midlands so, at first, I thought somehow my English accent had returned.  

But as I continued to talk out loud I realised it was an Irish accent.  A beautiful, lilting,melodic Irish accent.  At first I was astonished, then captivated and found it very amusing.  It was so different to my usual voice and accent.  My little dogs didn't recognise my call at all.   I renamed myself Colleen. I ran around and sang and danced and revelled in my Irishness.
However after about 15 minutes of fun, I started to get a bit concerned.  I was still working at the time and I started to wonder how I would explain this weird phenomenon at the shop the next day.  We had lots of regular customers, some of whom really were Irish - would they think I was being cheeky or worse, mocking them?  What would my bosses say?  
I decided to ring John.  I had a great deal of trouble persuading John I was me.  He thought it was a huge joke and kept saying he thought my Irish voice was very sexy.

Another hour or so passed and by now I was getting really worried.  It's amazing how intrinsic your voice is to your sense of self.  My initial joy disappeared and I no longer felt like me.  

So I rang the MS Society.  (Some of you may not know I've had Multiple Sclerosis for a number of years)  The woman on the phone initially seemed taken aback but I guess the support workers have heard many a strange story, so she suggested that I may have some damage to the language centre of my brain.  I googled my condition and found others had experienced the same thing.  I felt dismayed and went to bed having decided to wait until the next morning to ring my neurologist.  

And for joy the next morning Colleen had disappeared and I was back.  I thought I'd share this strange story as my way to remember St Patrick's Day and reminisce about my Irish experience.

All the above images came from the wonderful Graphics Fairy.  Thank you so much Karen.


These cute little pins are at Craft Gossip

And finally how to make green beer at About.com


  1. Interesting story Melody , perhaps you were Irish in another life ;-)

  2. I am so glad you recovered from that very strange episode, Happy St Patrick's day to all you lovely Irish out there.

  3. must have been a bit scary, changing accents like that. The brain is still a big mystery.

  4. Oh to be sure... to be sure!
    HappY St Paddy's Day to you too! :)

  5. That's amazing - the brain does incredible things.... the leprochaun in you visited for a day?
    Happy St Paddy's - GREEN BEER!!!!

  6. How very strange. Love your pics...think I will pass on the green beer.

  7. Thank you for sharing your very interesting story. I'm sure it must have been horribly stressful for you, but you know, if I was going to suddenly acquire a new accent, an Irish one would be one of my first choices. :)

  8. wow how bazzar Mel it would have been quite frightening for you,amazing thing this body of ours.xx

  9. I think we all wish we had a little Irish in us. Yours was just showing itself for a day. Happy St Pat's Day.

  10. Happy St PAtrick's Day, Melody! The voice change would have felt very strange. I wonder why Irish? The brain is an amazing thing, isn't it?

  11. O h wow, what an interesting story. I am a pom, born in the UK and lived there with my family for a few years before they came out to Australia and for some strange reason, every now and then I have this "plumb" stuck in my throat and I just can't shake it. The kids love it but to me it just sounds strange and I stop talking. A lot of people don't know that I am a Pom untill this happens and I can't stop it!

  12. I wonder if Colleen will come back to visit again!

  13. You would have sounded different if you spoke with a Midlands accent Melody. I am from the North Midlands and we have some funny ways and words. Where in the Midlands are you from. I am from Stoke on Trent - home of the world's best pottery. It must have been a very scary experience for you.

  14. How very unusual and scary at the same time.
    I have been practicing an Irish accent, and can't quite get it right. I am much better as a Scot.

  15. What a fantastic episode. I wonder if you will ever meet Collen again.
    Thank for your fabulous free stuff.

  16. Melody, that's fascinating. I am a nurse and have met folk who have changed accent after a stroke.
    Where in the Midlands did you live as a child. I live there now.

  17. How amazing. We are much more than we imagine ourselves to be. So interesting Melody. Loved all the pics.



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