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Friday, February 10, 2012

Laughter is such a tonic

This week I caught up with my friends Jacquie of Jacquie Campbell Beads and Bronwyn of Korumburra Quilting. We went to the Warran Glen Cafe for lunch and spent a fabulous 4 1/2 hours laughing and laughing and laughing. And when Bronwyn started to eat her THREE desserts the waitresses were laughing too.

Bronwyn made me the most wonderful birthday presents.  She is so talented and creative and I was very lucky to receive such beautiful presents.  A really pretty Ipod cover, a delightful book bag with a really beautiful journal and a dear little loose tea dunker.

I love these women, such wonderful friends. I always feel awash with well-being for days after spending time with them, must be all the endorphins released when they make me laugh so much.  We are going to try to get together once a month this year which will be fabulous.

With Valentines Day on the way I thought I'd look for heart themed tutorials today.

Teeny Tiny Hearts from fabulous Attic24

Emily's Heart Quilt block at How Stuff Works.com


a nice simple one at About.com


A Valentines cushion on Piece N Quilt shared as part of the

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And finally Congratulations to
Sandi of Sew Moore with Sandi
as she won my Birthday Giveaway.  A $25 gift voucher for Jane's wonderful on-line shop, Want it, Need it, Quilt is heading your way.


  1. What lovely friends you have! They have certainly made your birthday last!

  2. What a great group. Friends are really one of life's best things.
    Great looking desserts,too.

  3. sounds like a perfect day! Laughter is definitely good for the soul.

  4. Such a special,day you spent with your friends and some lovely gifts as well:-)

  5. How wonderful mel to have a lovely day out with your friends to celebrate your birthday.you deserve it as you are a lovely lady with a beautiful heart.
    Congrats to Sandi on her lovely win.xx

  6. Ok, Bronwyn is my kind of gal, three desserts, I love it! So good to spend time with gals who make you belly laugh. Lovely gifts, sweetie!

  7. Congrats to Sandi! You three look like you gst up to a lot of mischief there. I have always been tempted only to order desserts. Glad to see Bronwyn has lived my fantasy. So glad you had a wonderful day and good friends are certainly food for the soul. Love your Piccies.

  8. Laughter is indeed a most excellent tonic! Looks like a fun time was had by all and yummy dessert too!!



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