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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inspirational Quilts

Today I have a guest blogger, my first guest blogger ever, and I am very proud to say she's one of the most inspiring women I know, so its thrilling to have her blog here.

So over to Nancy from Inspirational Quilts

We all know the feeling. We just love to make quilt after quilt, and there are only so many
family and friends we can trust enough to hand them over to. Forced to take a five week
holiday from work in 2005, I spent the entire time trying to bust through my stash (very
unsuccessfully), and learning to use my newly acquired quilting table.

Before I knew it I had completed 27 quilts and had no idea what to do with them. I called the
Children’s Hospital who advised me that if I donated them they would go to the oncology
unit or be sold in their gift shop. I had nothing against that, but felt that they needed to
go somewhere else. A close friend had a granddaughter who had just been diagnosed
with Cystic Fibrosis, the highest genetic life-threatening disease, affecting the organs
in the body, and for which there is currently no cure. My mind was made up. I contacted
the CF ward, and they immediately accepted the 27 quilts with much pleasure and
excitement. I started to spread the word amongst my quilting friends, and was also offered
the opportunity of a stand at the “Northern Craft Fair” which raised the awareness of
Inspirational Quilts” in the Northern Suburbs.

The quilts soon started coming in thick and fast, and as there are only four children
diagnosed which Cystic Fibrosis each month, I needed to find another avenue
for donation. I had a chat with the Co-ordiantor of Cystic Fibrosis Unit, who
recommended “Ronald McDonald House. They too were overwhelmed with the offer and
accepted happily accepted the quilts.

Since it’s inception in 2005, Inspirational quilts has donated over 1200 quilts to the
Children's Hospital and Ronald McDonald House and is still going strong. Donations of
completed quilts, and quilt tops are always welcome, and are donated within a couple of
weeks of being received. All quilts are photographed, labelled and catalogued, and any
correspondence received from recipients is sent to the quilt maker, which is always a big
buzz. For more information visit the Website www.inspirationalquilts.com.au

Nancy Gheno
Inspirational Quilts

I have promised myself I will make a quilt for this very worthy charity each month this year.  In January I made a teddy themed courthouse steps quilt.  This month I'm making a Raggedy Anne and Andy quilt, which I plan to complete and blog about sometime next week.  

Following on with the Valentine's Day theme here are some lovely heart stitchery designs which are shared by the following generous bloggers.

From Mary Corbet's Needle N Thread


from Badbirds.  Many thanks Andrea.

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  1. Inspirational, Melody. I'm sure there are 'spare' FQs in my stash I can do something really worthwhile with. Thank you for the lovely links too. Have a great weekend.

  2. I enjoyed your guest blogger and her quilt project. Our church "Chat & Sew" group is doing something similar. The "Raggedy" Quilt sounds fun to me as that is one of my favorite collects. Want to see it! mcreatesdaily.blogspot.com

  3. I enjoyed reading Nancy's story too! How exciting for you to have a guest blogger. Those hearts would be so pretty embroidered.

  4. Thank you for these links! Nancy is so giving and inspirational! And the quilts are all so great. xo

  5. Thank you Melody, Your guest blogger was wonderful, I love what she is doing, and thank you for the lovely links too. I will be pursuing and chasing up to see where i can help too, I have made many dolls for Ronald McDonald House and with my sewing skills i will see where else i can help. Have a lovely day.

  6. Nancy story was very inspirational and love those quilts,what a lovely kind lady she is,thankyou Nancy and Mel for today's post.xx

  7. Really inspirational guest. Nancy has a very giving heart and I am sure the children who receive these quilts appreciate and love them.

  8. Wonderful to meet Nancy! Love the beautiful quilts!

  9. I can see why her site is called Inspirational Quilts, she's amazing! Congrats on your first guest blogger, too, Mel! I'm going to pop over and check out Nancy's site.

  10. What neither Melody or Nancy mentioned is that Nancy is the mother of two adult daughters and 4year old identical triplet boys! She is the busiest and most amazing person I know. She kept the charity going through the most turbulent, worrying and busy times and should be nominated for Australian of the year or at the very least mother of the year.

  11. Thanks for inviting Nancy to your little corner of blogland! Her story and quilts are really inspirational! Off to check out the links!

  12. Great guest blogger. Nancy is amazing. Thanks for the stitchery links.



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