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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Teddy Bears Picnic and a new Give-away too.

The biscuits are baked, the thermos is full of homemade lemonade and a bunch of little bears are ready to set out on a Teddy Bears Picnic.

Little Clare is waiting to set off today.  Clare is one of the first patterns I designed and I do think she is kind of sweet.  I remember being absolutely thrilled she made the cover of Dolls Bears and Collectables.

Do you have bear or softie to bring on the picnic today?  They can be handmade or one that you've bought.  Old or new, big or little, all are welcome.  Just pop your details into Mr Linky and join in the fun.

I've always loved Pandas so here are some cute panda links.
Fabulous free panda stationery at Graphic Garden.  Huge thanks to Helena for all she so generously shares with us.
A gorgeous Panda cake idea at I'm a Mom not a Professional.
The sweetest little crocheted one at Squidoo

and a real one to finish off because they are just so cute.


Many of you may have received a Jacquie Lawson Greeting Card, and if you have you will know how lovely they are.  I first discovered them when sweet Shell from Raspberry Rabbits sent one to me.  I was instantly in love with them.

I love their note cards too.

So this week I am going to give-away a one years membership to Jacquie Lawson.com.

Membership allows you to personalise and send all the e-cards on their site, and any new ones created in the future, to anyone you like, as many times as you like, for the duration of your membership. 

To enter

  • Bring a Bear or Softie on the picnic
  • Leave a comment on this post.
Do both and you will get two entries.  The giveaway will close next Wednesday and I'll announce the winner next Thursday. Hope you join Clare and me on the picnic.
PS I'll announce the winner of my Birthday Give-away tomorrow.  Good luck.


  1. Hi Melody. I've joined you in the Teddy Bear's Picnic today. It is certainly a lovely day for it!

  2. Mel your Clare bear is so cute i can see why she was on the cover of Dolls,Bears and collectables.You are so clever,enjoy your day Mel.xx

  3. Melody Clare is so very cute and I can see why she ended up a 'Cover Girl'. Thank you for all the Panda related freebies.....I LOVE pandas. Thanks also for the chance to win that beautiful prize. They are a joy to recieve and would be wonderful to send them to others.

  4. Love your cute bear. I'm not at home so won't be able to link up a teddy... but I love the idea of Jacquie Lawson cards for a year, so please enter me in the giveaway.

  5. My teddy was made quite a few years ago from a bath mat i bought from an op shop. It now belongs to my husband which is why it is still in the house. Mostly i make to give away for charity.

  6. Clare is very sweet, Melody, and deserving of her cover girl status :-) I have a soft spot for Pandas too - thank you for the links. What a great idea for your giveaway!

  7. my Clare bear has tried to join the picnic but Mr Linky wants a thumbnail.... not sure what to do but I have joined the picnic.

  8. What a sweet bear!! And a cover bear at that. :o) xo

  9. Clare is so darling!!! I should enter this time, I have my little wee Ted from Midge...my first teddy bear....

  10. Hi Melody, just gave you an award on my blog!

  11. I've been looking forward to the picnic. Such a fun way to keep in touch :)

  12. Little Clare is an adorable bear , love her dress . The panda cake is just too cute , have to remember that for the next birthday party ;-)

  13. Hi Melody, haven't put a pic up like this before. I hope it worked.
    there should be a partial pic of my one and only attempt at making a bear, made from calico and lace a long time ago. he is wearing a crocheted silk matinee jacket that my Aunt made me when I was born- some considerable time ago-LOL. The other bear was bought a few years ago when I saw it in a local antique/secondhand store. " She" has rollers in her hair, has a bucket, mop, iron, etc and her sign reads I hate four letter words, wash/cook/iron/dust. LOL. I JUST HAD to buy her. :) I agree about the e-cards. They are gorgeous, I have a subscription at the moment.

  14. I love that your Clare Bear is dressed up for the picnic:) Sadly my Pandy, has always been dismissive of clothes - he has always prefered the 'au naturale' look! I hope he doesn't scandalise all the prim older lady bears at the picnic!

  15. My first time here and I am "fashionably late".......not only am I late by Aussie time but I'm late by USA time too! But nonetheless, I am here and I brought a little Koala and her baby that has been around my house for years......it belonged to my son, Patrick, and now lives in my sewing room.......maybe she can come back on time next time??

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