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Monday, October 10, 2011

I may actually be ready...

... for Christmas this year.
I'm keeping up to date with lovely Lesley's Christmas banner project at Sew Happy Me.

Off to put hanging pockets on the two quilts which I'm putting into my quilting group's Quilt Show this weekend.
Kilmore Quilters Quilt Show
Quilts among the Gum Trees
Saturday 15th October
Sunday 16th October

10.00am - 4pm  Entry $5
Over 100 quilts on display
along with this years Challenge
Viewers choice
Traders tables
Door prizes and Raffles

Scrumptious home-baked goods and soup for sale.

For more information go to our website HERE
Go HERE for a map

Here's our raffle quilt again.  
Hope to see you there,

Today I'm linking up to
The Twelve Weeks of Christmas with Kathy at Sew Happy House


  1. You are unbeleivable having finished the third one. Well done and I like the blue.

  2. That stitchery is SO cute! I can see you are highly organised for Christmas! Good luck with the quilt show!

  3. Hi Melody. I like your take on the Christmas Banner. Love the blue stitching.
    Good luck to your group too for the Quilt Show.

  4. Good for you for keeping up. I'm not....

  5. What a stunning raffle quilt. A very lucky person that wins.

  6. Your Christmas stitching is going really well Melody. The raffle quilt is so beautiful I look forward to seeing others photos from the Quilt Show.

  7. I haven't started yet. I hope I can finish in time for Xmas...2011 that is!

  8. Thanks for reminding me about the Christmas Banner Mel, they are such lovely little stitcheries, yours look great. Looking forward to Kilmore next week. Love R.

  9. The Quilt I am going to win (Hee Hee) looks so beautiful. Good luck with the show. I wished Victoria was not such a long hike from Queensland.

  10. Doing well with the stitcheries - this one is beautiful .... sorry to the others but I think I have already got the winning ticket??? Have fun...

  11. You are well ahead of me Melody - Thats one date that always creeps up on me :)

  12. Your stitching is so sweet. Can't wait to see the whole banner.

  13. Oh i so wish i had seen this from the beginning. I have downloaded the third but realise now its too late to begin going backwards...yours looks very sweet, good luck with it x

  14. Love the blue stitching Melody. Lucky the person who wins the raffle quilt, the design and colours are beautiful.

  15. Hi Mel, the raffle quilt is incredible.. I hope to get to see it in person with my mum..
    Hope this posts..



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