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Sunday, October 9, 2011

A green Sunday

A few bits of sewing to share today.

The rest of my Little Forest Quilt Along Trees.

Block 2 of lovely Lesley's Christmas banner project.  You can get a free stitchery pattern each week at Sew Happy Me

A 12" block for my swap partner in Quilting Block Swaps Australia organised by sweet Sue from Quilted Hugs.  This month I'm swapping with Linda from Stray Stitches, who asked for bright children's prints..  Her blog is one of my all time favourites.

Just a reminder that being the second week of the month there will be a Teddy Bears Picnic this Thursday.  I've been making a few little surprises over the last month and so there will be a small present for everyone who brings a bear, doll or softie on the picnic this month.


  1. Hi Melody, Your Green Sunday projects are all lovely. What lovely fabrics you have chosen for your little trees. You are so productive, as ever. Hope you are well at the moment Mel.
    Love Bron xxx

  2. I do love your little forst & am about to check out Sew Happy Me. Nice stitchery. Tracee xx

  3. you have been very busy Mel,i love your xmas trees.

  4. You are busy - lovely projects!

  5. All your work looks gorgeous, I love the trees. Your Christmas banner stitchery is lovely too, I like the different colours you are using to stitch them. Wendy

  6. I love your forest Melody, the trees are gorgeous! toni xxx

  7. I love your forest Melody, just delightful.



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