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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

This week has a teeny tiny theme as I have three more of my little Colourbox bears to share. Aren't they sweet?
They will need to put on their warmest jumpers and hats before we venture outside to picnic.  And a thermos of hot chocolate will definitely be in the picnic basket.
  Have you got a bear, softy or doll who would like to join us on the picnic this week?  It doesn't need to be one you have made yourself, all are welcome.
Please join in the fun and pop your details into Mr Linky.

A Great Giveaway
This week fabulous Jody from Jody's Crafty Creations has very generously given me one of her wonderful patterns to give to one of this week's picnicers.  And how lucky are we because it is one of my very favourites, Drafty the Door Sausage Dog.  We certainly need Drafty down here in Melbourne - it's freezing - feels like the wind is coming straight from Antarctica.

Thank you so much Jody, this is so kind.  How to enter - just join in the picnic for one chance to win or leave a comment for one chance to win or do both for two chances to win.  I'll leave the giveaway open until Sunday night and post the winner's name on Monday morning.

 Fabulous Free Things
I've got some teeny tiny little projects to share this week.  Thank you so much to the talented and generous bloggers who designed them.

Christmas Tree Bears from Little Cotton Rabbits. These would have to be up there with the cutest things I've ever seen.
and these Teeny Tiny Knitted Toys.  I am so in love with these.  The pattern is also at Little Cotton Rabbits.

And what about these little owl egg cosies. Cute! Cute! Cute! And a free pattern from Flutterby Patch
A wee Mouse from the Knitted Toy Box is a delight and how could you not fall in love with
 R's Traveling Gnome also at the Knitted Toy Box.

 Can You Help?

  If you are an animal lover please consider supporting the Free The Bears Fund. I do and it makes me feel good to know that I am helping to give the bears in various sanctuaries around the world a safe, peaceful and happy existence.


  1. your little bears are so cute. Love all those knitted ones too. Might have to pop over and have a look at those patterns.

  2. What adorable goodies you always have for us! I look forward to seeing each and every one each week! Thank you so much!!! My bears are hibernating from our extreme heat this week BUT my little gal joined us!
    Have a wonderful week,
    Hugs, Donna

  3. A very cute trio. There looks like there could be some mischief afoot though. Colourbox teds are so cute. Cute freebies this week I wish I could knit.

  4. Mel what a lovely post and i cant believe how small all these little bears are and how clever are the knitted ones.

  5. Oh my gosh! How can so much cuteness be in just one spot!! This is just the sweetest blog! Thanks!!

  6. I must get out my collection of beanie kids and take pictures so I can join in!!! Next Sunny day when I'm bored and wanna take pictures...
    Love the owl egg cozies!!

  7. Oh I love all your teeny tiny goodness today. And I love that sausage dog draught stopper. It's cold here today, so it must be freezing where you are. Have a great day Melody xx

  8. Hi Mel, I have always loved Colourbox Bears, so perfect for their size, Lovely freebies today too, thank you for finding them all for us, and thanks to you and Jody for the chance to win the great draft stopper, we certainly need one in Melbourne this week. Also many thanks for your help with my Blog. Love R.

  9. managed to join in at last. Been a busy day. love all those knitted bears... may have to get the patterns so I can knit up in Canberra. Have a great weekend

  10. These little Colourbox bears must be a great collection. They look so lovely. They have great texture which really gives the appearance of fur. Dare I ask - how many have you collected?
    Love all the knitted goodies, too!

  11. What darling little bears - enjoy the hot chocolate and stay warm!

  12. Sweet little Colourbox bears. I hope they enjoyed the picnic. Thanks Melody and Jody for the opportunity to win the doggie draft stopper. I know someone who would just love it.

  13. We had the blast furnace heat and overnight it is time to get out the knit slippers and scarves and extra sweater.
    At least it will not take much to feed your bears!



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