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Sunday, May 1, 2011

White Rabbits - May Projects

A few months ago gorgeous Shell from Raspberry Rabbits and I were discussing 
Pinch Punch
First Day of the Month
No returns, White Rabbits
This fascinated her and she decided to use White Rabbits to introduce something new to her on-line shop each month.
I've decided to use the White Rabbits on the first of each month as well, but mine are to head a list of what sewing I need to finish each month.  So here goes:
  • Complete Block 3 of Henrietta Whiskers
  • Complete Block 4 of Henrietta Whiskers
  • Complete Block 5 of Henrietta Whiskers

  •  Complete Block 5 of Out of the Box
  •  Complete Block 4 of Home Sweet Home

  •   Complete Block 1 of Lynette Anderson's Christmas Fun
  •   Complete Block 2 of Lynette Anderson's Christmas Fun
  • Make at least 12 hexagon flowers for my Confetti Quilt ( Some people have asked where I bought this pattern.  I ordered it over the phone from Threadbear and they posted it to me)
  •    Make 2 hexagon flowers for the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap
  • Make a 12' block for
  •  Make a Winter themed swap gift as part of the Once a Season Swap

  •  Complete Lindi's bag and post it and 4 - 8  presents to her as part of the Squilters Christmas Stocking Swap
  • Make Lindi 2 more presents

  •  Organize and post Maree's Fat Quarter birthday parcel

  •  Add the sashings and cornerstones to Snowbound and take it to Leanne for quilting.
 Actually maybe writing this all down is not such a good idea as I'm feeling a little bit afraid of how much I need to do..  On the other hand, maybe writing it all down will keep me on track and it will be fun crossing each finished item off the list as it is completed.
If I get everything completed I am going to give myself a present.  I'll order this gorgeous bundle from the Fat Quarter Shop.



  1. I think writing it all down is a great way to keep it all organised. I'll make up my to-do list later *yikes*

  2. After I'd read your list I NEEDED a good sit down with a strong coffee... I wish I could be so organised - I tend to ricochet from one project to another not really achieving anything...Best of luck as you make your way steadily through your list... Take care now...

  3. Wow!! that does sound like a lot of stuff to get done. Good Luck with it all.

  4. WOW Melody - I feel tired just reading your list for the month. It is a great idea to write it all down - I might join you.

    Hugs - Fee XX

  5. You are a busy girl. They all look lovely projects and cannot wait to see them posted.

  6. boy that is a list and a half! dangling that carrot of fat quarters would help me too!
    Can't wait till you start putting your flowers together that quilt pattern is gorgeous.

  7. Oh my! When do you get time to eat and sleep? lol

  8. Phew Melody what a List..Nice to see I am Included..lol
    30 days to go...Good Luck!

  9. What a lot of wonderful projects you have lined up.... great idea to list what needs to be done... and I LOVE the reward....

  10. That is a long list of things to complete Mel. Think you have more than me! As it's now the first of the month more things get added though. Love the reward!

  11. Gosh Melody, what will you do with all that spare time? LOL - I was getting a little nervous reading that list too! But I think it's do-able, these are not full quilts you're doing so you should be ok.

  12. Is that for one month?
    My Nan used to tell us to say "white rabbits" first thing on the first of every month to keep tears away. But I haven't seen the verse before now, thanks.

  13. My goodness! You make me tired just reading your list. Now if that was my list for the year I might nearly achieve it. LOL

  14. My goodness Melody, you do put yourself under pressure, I,m exhausted just reading your list, but knowing you, you will make it. Love R.P/S Love the reward fabric.

  15. This is a huge list!! Did you add in some sleep time? Good luck with completing these and I love your idea of a reward at the end.



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