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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Catching up with Henrietta

I love Anne Sutton's designs and her 2011 free BOM, Henrietta Whiskers, is delightful.  Unfortunately I have fallen badly behind so I've vowed to myself I'll be up to date by the release of Block 5 on May 5th.  So over the last couple of evenings I completed Block 2

and I plan to tackle Blocks 3 and 4 on the weekend. 

Cheryll let me know this block in the QBSA has arrived so I can show you what I sent.


  1. Melody, I love the soft colors you have chosen to do Henrietta ,very pretty indeed.Good luck with catching up I am sure you can do it ! Have a wonderful weekend .

  2. Beautiful block Melody. They are such lovely designs.

  3. I Love Anne's Work too & your Blocks is Gorgeous...Good Luck with catching Up...

  4. I love that BOM too - I haven't started mine yet, I need to take some time to pick out the perfect fabrics. I know it's going to be great fun to do!

  5. Hello Melody,

    Great block, I bet you have the others done already.
    Happy days.

  6. Henrietta Whiskers is such a fun BoM. I have just ordered more than I need for another project that should work well with Henrietta. Your block is lovely. I really like the spotty pumpkin.

  7. Have fun with blocks 3 & 4. :-)

  8. Love the pumpkin block, I just adore anything pumpkin :0)

    Hope you get caught up x



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