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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hooray, Lady Alice Highlees-Fancy's first finish!

Block 4 of Henrietta Whiskers is now complete.

There's a bit of fun over at Lily's Quilts.  She is asking what is your royal wedding name.

You start with Lord or Lady, add one of your grandparents' first name, then your surname is a double barrelled name made up of a street where you were born, have lived or now live and the name of one of the pets you have had during your life. 

I am Lady Alice Highlees-Fancy.  How do you do? 

 By the way I loved the wedding.


  1. I loved the wedding too, where can you sign up for this block of the month its adorable.
    I am Lady Annie Kent-Josephine.
    How do you do :)- Sounds quite British.

  2. What fun!!

    I am Lady Margretha Quandong-Roxy

  3. oh this would be a good laugh to have at a retreat too... I am Lady Lillian Blossom-Zealand
    Love your Henrietta Whiskers...
    Hugs Dawn x x

  4. I'm Lady Mildred Daisy Barkly ( I cheated and put Daisy in there). Your block is beautiful!!

  5. Block 4 looks fantastic... I am Lady Lancelot Greenfield-Kenai (had to use my grandfathers name as it sounds so 'Knights of the Round Table' lol. Fun!!!

  6. first tick off the list! It looks lovely.
    Jolly Good! I would be Lady Clelia Greenwood-Monty, how exotic! I am afraid I was a conscientious objector to watching the royal wedding. Will my title be revoked?

  7. Hi Mel, Love from " Lady Mary Broomfield-Toby " I think I will keep using this it sounds so regal.

  8. Lady Ruby Roseberry-Llanny here.
    Your block is splendid old girl, pip-pip and all that!
    Good fun Mel.

  9. Haha... fun looking at these names... I am Lady Patricia Kingsthorpe-Shanna......... at your service....

  10. Lovely block. I saw this on Facebook & thought it was a hoot. Just call me Lady Lillian Fluffy-Washington! Tracee xx

  11. So pleased to meet you I am Lady Elizabeth High-Garfield .
    Your Henrietta Whiskers is adorable , I really do love the colors you are using !

  12. I love your block - great to have a tick on your list.
    Best wishes from a regal country woman,
    Nellie Hicks-Pumpkin!

  13. Your block is lovely.
    I am Lady Lillian Arthur-Holly if you please and I got hooked on the wedding against my will (sorry about the pun)

  14. Lady Sadrina Anderson- Brandy (chuckle) so Royal ?



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