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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A couple more finishes...

The top of Dianne's pin cushion is now complete.  I added a flowered 'd ' for Dianne, a sweet little elephant and some shooting stars.  This Sew-A-Bit, organised by Fiona, has been so much fun.  Thanks so much to our organizer Fiona and to my swap partners, Roslyn, Laura and Dianne.  I'm not sure where my base is now but I'm looking forward to seeing what has been added on it's journey between Australia, the USA, Australia, Canada and then back to Australia.
 I finished Block 5 of Out of the Box designed by Dawn and Vicki.  I love these little blocks that allow you to use buttons, bits and bobs from you sewing box.

It's really cold here in Melbourne, so Matilda found herself a blanket and snuggled under.


  1. The pin cushion top looks great I love the way everyone has added a bit of their own personality to it.
    Smart Matilda. The only way to be today!

  2. Love the pin cushion additions. I can't wait for mine to arrive home too.
    The chill has definitely settled in! I love it.

  3. I love the little elephant! So cute!

  4. Your additions to the pin cushion are adorable. I love the block you made. The hexagon with the little owls is just too cute :) Matilda sure looks comfy in the afghan.

  5. Dianne will be so ... pleased , it looks wonderful !

  6. The little elephant is soooo cute - good job hon! Your little block is so cute, I love that bom, and I need to start! Still have to print things off - we're out of ink. Matilda looks so cuddly!

  7. You have done a lovely job it's so sweet. I love the little elephant. Matilda looks so cute under her blankey.

  8. Wow Melody Diannes pincushion top looks fabulous she should be very happy when it arrives home to her.
    I have your pincushion top here and am working on it now. I hope to get it in the mail to Dianne within the next few days.
    (((HUGS))) Roz.

  9. What a cute block...I love those Out of the Box designs. Wish I had time to do some myself. Anyway, I sure enjoy seeing yours.



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