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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Floral Friday... with Bronwyn

This week has been a special week for Bronwyn at Korumburra Quilting, as not only did her beautiful daughters come back from the royal wedding bringing spectacular Mother's Day gifts, on Tuesday it was Bronwyn's Birthday.  
Ahh Bronwyn, you probably thought I forgot, but no I didn't and there is a little pressie on its way.

This week I thought I'd share the heliotrope flowers from my garden.
I've had the same plant in my garden for about 25 years and this year I put in another one which is also doing really well.

I thought I'd share this plant today as Rosalie and I were talking about fairies at our quilting group on Wednesday and the Heliotrope Fairy has always been one of my favourites.  Lovely Michelle at Rag Tag Stitching prompted this discussion by showing her gorgeous fairy books as part of Tuesday Treasures.  You can read her post HERE
I had geranium fairies living in my garden when I was a little girl and I really did see them until I was about seven.  Hope you have a magical day today.  Pop over to Bronwyn's blog for Floral Friday and you can wish her Happy Birthday too.


  1. Hi Melody.
    These flowers are lovely and have such a gorgeous colour. Are they difficult to grow and do they need special conditions?

  2. hi Mel your flowers are beautiful,lovely rich colour

  3. Oh it is so nice to see a 'heliotrope' in real life Melody and it's gorgeous. No wonder thr faeries love them.....

  4. Hello Melody,

    I will have to get one of these if they live that long. It must be the fairies keeping them going. Happy days.

  5. Sorry Mel. Haven't put my floral Friday page up yet. Tried and tried but the blogger was down, as you probably know. I love your flowers, what a stunning colour!

  6. Isn't the heliotrope also called "cherry pie"? Because of the scent, I think. They are beautiful! I thought I was the only one with fairies in her garden, but mine only come out with the daffodils. Something I just love about early spring.


  7. Oooo I only just read the top of your post properly - Obviously I'm blind!!
    I'm going to be posted at the letter box (sorry for the pun) first thing Monday morning! Very exciting. When we were at Warren Glen on Tuesday I remembered our lovely lunch there last year. Good fun.

  8. What a beautiful colour....



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