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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Stitching with friends

Today I'm off to The Quilt Shop in Eltham to get together with my stitching friends.  I just had to share this picture of Sharon's gorgeous Di Ford Hall designed quilt.  Sharon is one of the owners of the shop and this magnificent quilt is on display in the store.

Enormous thanks to fabulous Sarah at Pretty Fabric and Trims for sharing this delightful Easter wall hanging with us.
PLease follow this LINK to the pattern.
Hope your day is full of fun


  1. Thanks for sharing your day. Hope I can find time to make the cute hanging before Easter.

  2. That quilt on display is gorgeous! One like that is on my bucket list... someday. Have a great weekend.

  3. Sharon's quilt looks wonderful I should pay it a visit. Carollyn and Sharon
    ganged up on me one day whilst at Castlemaine Applique group and showed me this quilt, they explained the figures needed a face,I explained I did not have the appopriate pen, they of course were well prepared and a pen was produced so whatelse could I do but oblige talk about being put on the spot but the faces and the quilt are finished, mine is not unfortunately.

  4. OMG! That quilt must have taken hours and hours! What a work of art. Thank you for the pattern for the Easter hanging! I don't think my crochet bunnies will be done in time so I have been looking for some quicker projects and this one is so cute! I think I might be able to whip some of them up! You saved the day!



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