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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Stitching by the Bay Part 2

I was very lucky on Sunday while attending Stitching by the Bay.  I have been on-line friends with Kate for many years (we think about 15 years) but we had never met in person.  But hooray we got to meet at the stitching event,
and Kate is just as delightful as I knew she would be.

I also won a lovely door prize
No wonder I had such a good time.

I've really fallen in love with this delightful table topper
If you follow this LINK to lovely Better Homes and Gardens you will be able to make one too. Many thanks to everyone involved.
Hope you have a fabulous day


  1. Gorgeous door prize! And I think I know your friend Kate, too! Hi Kate! Love that table topper, and I think I have the perfect fabrics to make one. Thanks for the link.

  2. Great door prize to win - lucky you! That table topper is very sweet.

  3. Sew nice to have finally met Kate. I was sorry I missed you on my visit to Melbourne last year.
    What a great stitching day and what a great win.. enjoy Mel.

  4. It's a lovely table topper. Thanks for the link. Yay for a door prize win! Looking forward to seeing what you'll create with your winnings :)

  5. So lively to catch up with people. LOve your win! Sorry I haven't looked at your blog for a while. I have been a bit preoccupied with my new grandson. Hope you are well. Angel hugs.



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