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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Very spoilt

I was very spoilt by my lovely family and friends on my birthday.  One of my gifts was this fabulous A3 lightbox.  Since it was such a super bargain I thought I'd share the details with you in case you want one too.  
Jack is very good at searching out bargains on Ebay and I think this one is a beauty. I've seen the A3 size for sale in shops for between $150 - $200 and it was less than $40.00 HERE. 

Here's another project that has stolen my heart.  You can find this gorgeous bag pattern HERE at 
C & T  Publishing.  Many thanks to everyone involved.

Hope you enjoy your day and if you are in Melbourne stay cool


  1. Thanks for mentioning the light box. I have been thinking that I should get one, but it always slips my mind until I have my pattern taped on the patio door tracing away. These are pretty reasonable. I'll have to do a little research.
    xx, Carol

  2. That really is a bargain!!! I bet it will get a lot of use.

  3. Great gift, Mel and thanks for the link!

  4. That truly is a bargain! So glad you got it for your birthday. The crazy quilt sewing pouch is lovely.



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