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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A hospital visit

Today we went into Melbourne's Alfred Hospital's burns unit.  
We went to visit one of John's friends who was in a collision on his motor bike. The full petrol tank exploded and he became a human fireball sustaining burns to 30% of his body.  Unfortunately both his hands were very very badly burnt and it looks like he will lose quite a few fingers.  Shocking.We both feel extremely sorry that this happened to him.  Luckily for him Melbourne has a wonderful burns unit at the Alfred which specialises in trauma victims and he is doing very well, all things considered.  Makes me proud the Australia has a universal free health care system.  I wish all my beautiful overseas friends had the same standard of health care free to them.

As we were over that way we took a detour to fabulous Noisette
Noisette is in my top three favourite bakeries in Melbourne and surrounds.  It is located in Bay Street Port Melbourne and its bread and baked goods really do deserve to be described as divine.
The shop is about a three minute walk from the Port Melbourne beach so we strolled down there to eat our treats

I found this gorgeous little quilt pattern over at Amy's charming blog, Nana Company.  If you would like to make the Half Hearted quilt please follow this LINK.  Enormous thanks to Amy for sharing it with us.

Today's a day to count your blessings
Have a wonderful safe day


  1. So sorry to hear about your friend, I do hope that all goes well with his treatment and recovery. Oh, I love Noisettes, I used to go buy my lunch there when I worked in Port Melbourne. Luckily for me, my local IGA sells Noisettes produce, so I can go get a fix whenever I feel like it - yay!

  2. I do hope your friend recovers quickly. It will be hard for him..

  3. Sch a terrible thing to happen! I hope they are able to save his hands. The poor guy must be in so much pain. Lovely that you could both visit him. I guess he will be hospitalised for quite a while but I do hope he has a speedy recovery. THanks for another great link. Angel hugs.

  4. Much love and best wishes for your dear friend.

  5. What a horrible accident. You ARE so lucky to have free healthcare.
    xx, Carol

  6. I pray for your friend's recovery. My Mother was a nurse who worked in a burn unit and she always said it was the worst suffering of anything she ever saw. That was back in the day and hopefully they have more ways to ease the pain now.
    Yes, I have been an armchair advocate and more for Universal Health Care and so much more here in the states. There's so much to protest against here that I can barely keep up with it all! Our new president is very scary and I'm afraid he is not even mentally stable. I am a Bernie Sander's fan as he seems to be the only one who has common sense. I was a democrat until they were 'caught' stealing the primary from Bernie. I voted for the Green Party which was all that was left that had any integrity. Watch out world...I think it's going to be a bumpy ride!
    What a lovely beach and those baked goodies....you're making me hungry! I love the quilt but I have so many WIP (works in progress) it makes my head swim! LOL! Have a great week and I will continue to pray for your friend and all who are suffering in any way all across our world....unfortunately there are many.

  7. P.S. I love the quote at the bottom of your post!

  8. I'm praying for him right now...and also giving thanks, like you, for our Medicare system. We are blessed in Australia more than we realise.



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