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Thursday, December 15, 2016

No Fuss Christmas Swap

I've not gone in many swaps this year but I couldn't resist The No Fuss Swappers Christmas swap.  I had to send my parcel to gorgeous Teresa from All Things Vintage and I loved making for such a lovely person.

We had to send a mug rug (I did put a rod pocket on the back of mine so it could be a mini quilt too) Christmas mug, a small sweet treat and wrap our gift in a Christmas fat quarter.

I heard from Teresa today and was very happy to hear her gift arrived on time and she liked it too.
This trio of Christmas cushions is absolutely gorgeous
If you'd like to make one or two or even all three please follow this LINK  to brilliant The Red Pistachio and you will find out how.
I'm off today for more Christmas feasting with Christine and Helen...lucky me.

Hope you enjoy a peaceful day


  1. The snowman is so very cute and I'm glad to see even he is wearing a coat because if he lived here right now, he would need it. It's ugly cold here!

  2. Have a good day with the girls. Nice mug rug

  3. Lovely exchange gift, Melody. I am sure that you had fun with Christine and Helen.

  4. Lovely gifts...Great idea putting the sleeve on the mug rug....
    Have a enjoyable day out ..

  5. Great idea putting a sleeve on the back of your beautiful mug rug. IT looks lovely. Some lovely things you have put with it too. THanks for another great link. Angel hugs.

  6. Your gifts to Teresa are so lovely Melody... it was a fun swap for sure!

  7. the mug rug/mini is gorgeous! What a lucky lady she is! You have such a great stitchy social life... maybe I need to emigrate!

  8. Beautiful swap gifts Melody, Teresa is very lucky! Christine x

  9. Oh! I love your little quilt with the hand embroidered snowman! It is just precious and who wouldn't love to receive that with the cute mug and fabric!



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