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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Happy Tuesday

We have a new baby in the house...baby Essie.  
Henry's old car seat was sitting on the floor in the family room ready to be sent off to The St Kilda Mums' recycling baby goods scheme. Essie spotted it and decided she is the littlest in the family and so the seat should be hers.

There's been lots of eating going on lately.  The Argyle's had high tea on the Sorrento to Queenscliff ferry on Sunday.  Lots of fun and a great price too. Highly recommended if you have a friend or two visiting Melbourne.

And I couldn't resist showing you the hamburgers John and I ate at Spitfire Grill in Rye.  Even greedy us had trouble finishing them.
I love everything with strawberries, whether it is to eat or to sew so I couldn't resist sharing a LINK to this charming project.
It is very kindly shared by the very talented people at Fort Worth Fabric Studio.  Huge thanks to everyone involved.
Have a wonderful day. 


  1. Essie is too cute in the car seat! LOL! It is supper time here and I haven't eaten yet and now my supper looks "lame" next to that sandwich....I'm drooling! I pinned the strawberry project to my Spring board but then thought strawberries are really in the summer by the time they ripen. Lovely project!

  2. LOL we were on the ferry on Saturday heading over to Sue's. Yummy high tea there. Good to see you having such fun.

  3. Welcome to the. Family Essie, seams you e found the perfect place to sit...
    Lots of delicious food there....yum!

  4. Hi Melody - oh indeed, furbabies will take up any soft cosy place for themselves! That burger is HUGE, no wonder you struggled to get through it...

  5. Little Essie is such a sweetie!! She'll be happy in her new loving home. You know all the good food spots to go to!



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