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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Maranoa Gardens

On Sunday John and I took a stroll through the Maranoa Gardens in Balwyn. They are Australian Native Botanic Gardens and are absolutely delightful. Sometimes it is fun to act like a tourist in your own backyard.  As many of you, my lovely readers, live overseas I thought you might enjoy some pictures of what native plants were in bloom.  Many Australian native plants have small flowers but when you look up close, they are very beautiful.

After our walk, of course we needed sustenance, so we popped into the Ruby T tearooms in Maling Road.  I adore their yummy little passionfruit sponges...so delicious.

It was also lovely to spot a Libby Richardson designed quilt in the tearooms.

Cake Stand Quilts...what an adorable name for a blog.  And it is HERE I found a great tutorial for this delightful little Christmas Stocking.
Many many thanks to lovely Nicola for sharing it with us.

Hope you have time for some stitching today



  1. We really are blessed with some lovely natives are t we??? Nice tea room too

  2. I'll tell my friend about these gardens. She will enjoy walking around them

  3. You picked a great time of year to go to the gardens with so many beautiful flowers in bloom.



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