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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Regular readers of this little blog might remember me blogging about the WARM project on Monday May 9th.
Well the fabulous project is now complete and is on display at the Ballarat Art Gallery.
Here's what the gallery says of the exhibition.
WARM is a textile art project that takes on big questions about our over-use of fossil fuels for heating and power, and offers an alternative that is fun and community driven.

Knitters from across Australia and beyond have created hundreds of knitted pieces including gum trees, native flowers and wind turbines to create an enormous collage which shows a landscape reclaimed from the devastating effects of environmental degradation.

The exhibition will include original artworks of the degraded and the renewed landscape by local artist Lars Stenberg. The components of the landscape have been designed by Georgie Nicolson of tikki designs.
I thought you might enjoy this video on the making of WARM.

It is free to view and open every day from 10.00am - 5.00pm.  It's on from the 3rd to the 23rd of September and I'll certainly visit.  I think it is a very exciting project.
This fabulous free pattern is for my friend Monica who adores strawberries, especially the wild ones in Sweden.
You can find the tutorial by following this LINK over at delightful Skyberries Handmade.  And if you would like to see another version pop over to Sew Me Something Good  and look at this post for a pretty pink version.

Sending Happy Birthday wishes to my lovely friend Christine MacDonald over at MacDonalds Patch.

Hope you have a delightful day


  1. What an amazing project. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Mel. xx

  2. this is a great exhibit. Why do you think so many people resist the idea of climate change. Why are't we using more solar energy and wind mills?

    Nice post.

  3. Love the strawberry block! Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a fabulous project! Happy Birthday to Christine too! Christine x

  5. Fantastic idea and it looks so beautiful.

  6. Melody, What a fabulous quilt and event to be part of!

  7. Your warm project is a real beauty ♥


  8. Haven't seen you post much lately. Hope things are ok

  9. Missing you Melody. Hope you are OK & back to blogging soon.

  10. Thanks for a post about a very interesting project. The video made it more so.

  11. Haven't seen entries for a while - hope you are doing okay - sending prayers.

  12. Your WARM project is such a beauty ♥




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