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Monday, September 12, 2016

Such a great buy

Last night, as I sat making Confetti hexie flowers, I snuggled under the magnificent knee rug I bought at the CWA open day at Umina.  I squealed with delight when I spotted it for sale and it was love at first sight.  I couldn't believe it was only $20. The colours are so vibrant and beautiful.  Here it is on my bed on the NOTYQ retreat.
I thought it deserved some closeups.
With the arrival of Spring in Melbourne, it is time to add some colour to my wardrobe and adding new accessories is such a fun, easy and inexpensive way to jazz things up.
 I found this gorgeous Flying Geese Patchwork Bag at fabulous Bernina.  Just follow this LINK.  If you like to be part of a fun sew-a-long there is one for this very bag over at Ginger Peach Studio if you follow this LINK. 

Enormous thanks to everyone involved.

Hope you have a wonderful day


  1. Your CWA blanket was a great bargain Melody at only $20 I'm sure it is warm and cosy. I hope you have a good week :) xx

  2. Twenty dollars?!! That is amazing. How wonderful to be able to have something that beautiful to snuggle under.

  3. BEAUTIFUL, such a happy knee rug! Reminds me of your sunny smile, Melody. xx

  4. Wow! Money well spent! Good job!

  5. What a great find and so reasonably priced - bargain!

  6. Hi Melody, I do not have a blog but enjoy catching up with yours very much, thank you for all you offer and all the information, all very interesting and such lovely eye candy, a great inspiration. Your CWA blanket is gorgeous and a real bargain that's for sure. The knitted project very interesting too and love all the links you provide for others craft projects. Oh and I love your hexi confetti project, your quilt is going to be gorgeous, it has inspired me to do something similar, hexis can be addictive I think. Thank you and I wish all the best to you, Jude

  7. Great find, what a bargain! That is really pretty!



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