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Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Lucky Duck

Just when I'm well enough to blog again, we lose our internet connection for a couple of days.  So I apologise for my absence.

A couple of months ago I entered this collage in the Uncle Tobys Grown Your Own Oats competition
and Hooray! Hooray! it won the monthly hamper giveaway.  The hamper arrived on Friday and it is huge and full of so much yummy stuff.  Enormous thanks to everyone at Uncle Tobys for sending this brilliant prize.
There was also a gardening set and a scarecrow kit for Henry
Now that I'm recovering from my fall I can sew again, which is wonderful.  Yesterday I made three more hexie flowers for my confetti quilt.
I think it is about time to go shopping for the background fabric, which will be lots of fun.
I thought this was a great idea if you want a small gift to pop in with a card.
A beautiful little folder to hold sticky notes.  Very cute and useful too.  Please follow this LINK for the pattern at fabulous Sewing Room Secrets.  Enormous thanks to Natalie for sharing it with us.

I hope you have a wonderful day and all going well I'll be back tomorrow


  1. How could that sweet collage not win a prize! What a great hamper. I have Uncle Toby's porridge for my breakfast every morning. It's great they included a fun scarecrow kit for Henry too. Your hexies are always so beautiful!!

  2. What a great prize. Henry will love the gardening set plus I'm guessing the yummy snacks too! Glad you're able to do some sewing again Mel. xxx

  3. Wow what a fantastic hamper, well done Henry :)

  4. Congrats! What cute pictures and great prizes. The hexagons are adorable.

  5. Henry has the most fabulous smile. I love seeing pictures of him. :-) Glad you are feeling better.

  6. Your little boy is so cute!!!
    Congrats on the win!
    Glad you are feeling better! I am trying to get better too....a bad virus! Hugs~

  7. Pretty hexie flowers Melody - glad you are feeling better. xx

  8. Your prize looks yummy Melody and I love your little hexagon flowers.:-) Have a great weekend xx

  9. Wowzers - congratulations!!!!! Brilliant pics of Henry, not surprised you won.

  10. It's Hallelujah Time now that your back to quilting! Blessings!

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